Spent time in the backyard today. A part of this was listening to music. Ended up down a rabbit hole starting with Empress Of, then BANKS and, after realising the BJ Burton connection, moved onto Sylvan Esso, before jumping to Matthew Herbert. Although I did all this in my own physical space, one thing I often forget is the shared space of sound. In the end, a fence may designate where my property may stop and start, however there is very little to separate sounds collect.readwriterespond.com/s


Continuing on from my discussion of space and music, I am always apprehensive about playing new music out loud. I feel there is a strange assumption that when you play something out loud you know what is coming. For example, I recently played The Avalanches' We Will Always Love You and I was asked about the bleeps at the end. Although I had an inkling what it was, I was a little lost for words.

I often have the same issue when putting on playlists too.


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