@dajbelshaw wondering if you can remember the newsletter directory where you can add your newsletter?

Interesting conversation on as always @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes

I think my question/concern about ‘gaming’ is the use of time? With my limited downtime, I choose to use it for different things. I am sure I am missing out.

Also, enjoyed the short discussion about digital parenting at the end. It definitely feels like a conflicted space.


Can I clarify @dajbelshaw, are you arguing that ‘blogging’ is long dead and it is time to move on? Just wondering or maybe confused.

📰 Read Write Respond #037 - January's newsletter of ideas and information associated with all things education, mined and curated for me and shared with you. collect.readwriterespond.com/?

📰 Read Write Respond #035 - A collection of resources focusing on education, technology and storytelling. Including a focus on Ian Guest's research into Twitter collect.readwriterespond.com/r

@epilepticrabbit liked your post on personality, but wonder the purpose of the tests other than to say that we are all different? collect.readwriterespond.com/h

@mrkrndvs @daibarnes Thanks! Have replied. In addition to that comment, I'd always be slightly suspicious of someone whose main form of income depends on them occuping a certain point of view or having particular opinions. Myself, and friends included!

In my return to microcasts, I reflect on playing Command and Conquer and the way in which computer games have changed over time collect.readwriterespond.com/r

@dajbelshaw I wrote a new post compiling my thoughts on mobile phones in school readwriterespond.com/2018/10/w I went looking for your post in attention/notifications you wrote a few years ago. Can't find it. You wouldn't have a link by any chance would you?

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