Read Write Respond #051

March’s newsletter of ideas and information associated with all things education, mined and curated for me and shared with you. It includes a focus on all things social distancing.

I was standing at the bar listening to the 'Imaginary Place' remix of Tame Impala's The Slow Rush with headphones on when I felt someone bump me while trying to get past and spill some of their drink on me. We both turned to each other and nodded, then kept on listening.

The album and this remix are great examples of music and the ability to take you to another world.

Bridget Judd discusses the way in which the coronavirus infects our fears before possibly infecting our bodies

Personally speaking, I feel that the virus has definitely invaded my mental space. This has become apparent more  and more with my dreams. Feeling all Jungian.

Received an email today stating that there would be some disruption in the office due to some upgrades occuring. As I am working at home this will not be a problem. However, it highlights something that it feels as if there are some aspects of society that see such crises as an opportunity. I guess it comes down to perspective. What is a little disruption in a time of transformation, something epitomised with the repainting of the famous Abbey Road crossing.

In an episode of the Take 5 Podcast, David Byrne spoke about how he and St. Vincent had to decide at some point what sort of music they would write together based on where they would perform. This has been praying on my mind as artists are forced to rethink where they perform. Many are turning to live steaming. As the current crisis continues I wonder what impact this many have on the music created.

I have worked at home. What has been interesting is that although the physical space is different, what has stood out has been the implied responsibility and autonomy. I have missed speaking w/ colleagues whenever required, however it has made me more mindful of how I communicate

The quote making the rounds at the moment is: "There are decades when nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen." This last month feels like a time when everything has changed. Six months ago my family and I were contemplating traveling by air for a holiday, now we are holes up in our homes wondering if such travel will ever be the same again? I'm sure we will, but I am also sure it will be different.

I remember hearing Jack Antonoff talking about writing 'Let's Get Married' as a response to Trump being elected president.

The current crisis is a different event to make sense of. Whereas a political decision or a bushfire disaster can have its culprits, a pandemic is not so clear. In this week's NPR New Music podcast, Robin Hilton, Ann Powers and Stephen Thompson talk about finding world's to immerse yourself in and escape into as a means of response.

📰 Read Write Respond #050 - February's newsletter of ideas and information associated with all things education, mined and curated for me and shared with you

My (Belated) One Word for 2020 is Space - Reflecting on my year as a failed flânerie, I take on space as a new word and a new approach to my one word

Janna Koretz discusses hedging your bets and finding a sense of identity outside of your career. Some of suggestions that Koretz provides include free up time, find other activities, build up your network and decide what is important.

This does not just relate to being burnt out, it also touches on when the job actually changes.

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📰 Read Write Respond #048

December's newsletter of ideas and information associated with all things education, mined and curated for me and shared with you

NEW POST: On Being a Teacher – A Reflection on Identity

Coming up to three years out of the classroom and not being based in a school, I am often left thinking about what this means for my identify as 'a teacher'. Although I still work within education, my current title of ‘subject matter expert‘ seems a long way from the classroom. This is something that I have been pondering for a while.

Maybe Zombies? Maybe mind-control? Or maybe just not real? These are some of the questions grappled with in @epilepticrabbit 's novel. It is a meandering journey of Maggie's inadvertent trail of carnage and excess. It touches on technology, power, perspective, privilege and truth. However, it is all a reminder that it can all be gone in a second.

@dajbelshaw wondering if you can remember the newsletter directory where you can add your newsletter?

Interesting conversation on as always @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes

I think my question/concern about ‘gaming’ is the use of time? With my limited downtime, I choose to use it for different things. I am sure I am missing out.

Also, enjoyed the short discussion about digital parenting at the end. It definitely feels like a conflicted space.

Can I clarify @dajbelshaw, are you arguing that ‘blogging’ is long dead and it is time to move on? Just wondering or maybe confused.

📰 Read Write Respond #037 - January's newsletter of ideas and information associated with all things education, mined and curated for me and shared with you.

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