Janna Koretz discusses hedging your bets and finding a sense of identity outside of your career. Some of suggestions that Koretz provides include free up time, find other activities, build up your network and decide what is important.

This does not just relate to being burnt out, it also touches on when the job actually changes.

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NEW POST: On Being a Teacher – A Reflection on Identity

Coming up to three years out of the classroom and not being based in a school, I am often left thinking about what this means for my identify as 'a teacher'. Although I still work within education, my current title of ‘subject matter expert‘ seems a long way from the classroom. This is something that I have been pondering for a while.


Maybe Zombies? Maybe mind-control? Or maybe just not real? These are some of the questions grappled with in @epilepticrabbit 's novel. It is a meandering journey of Maggie's inadvertent trail of carnage and excess. It touches on technology, power, perspective, privilege and truth. However, it is all a reminder that it can all be gone in a second.

@dajbelshaw wondering if you can remember the newsletter directory where you can add your newsletter?

Interesting conversation on as always @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes

I think my question/concern about ‘gaming’ is the use of time? With my limited downtime, I choose to use it for different things. I am sure I am missing out.

Also, enjoyed the short discussion about digital parenting at the end. It definitely feels like a conflicted space.


Can I clarify @dajbelshaw, are you arguing that ‘blogging’ is long dead and it is time to move on? Just wondering or maybe confused.

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@epilepticrabbit liked your post on personality, but wonder the purpose of the tests other than to say that we are all different? collect.readwriterespond.com/h

@mrkrndvs @daibarnes Thanks! Have replied. In addition to that comment, I'd always be slightly suspicious of someone whose main form of income depends on them occuping a certain point of view or having particular opinions. Myself, and friends included!

In my return to microcasts, I reflect on playing Command and Conquer and the way in which computer games have changed over time collect.readwriterespond.com/r

@dajbelshaw I wrote a new post compiling my thoughts on mobile phones in school readwriterespond.com/2018/10/w I went looking for your post in attention/notifications you wrote a few years ago. Can't find it. You wouldn't have a link by any chance would you?

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