Arizona Sunshine is pretty good, even though it's got zombies in it.

The re-mastered Full Throttle comes out today.

My colony is doing fine! Time to bump up the difficulty...

I need a Challenger Demon. For... medical purposes...

My favorite baking dish broke last night. I'm devastated.

Not sure what happened to that big storm we were supposed to have. I suppose I could have slept right through it.

I'm also looking forward to the 2nd season of Jessica Jones. I've been happy with what I've seen of Netflix originals so far. Although I'm having a hard time getting through The OA.

"modular Mac Pro" = multiple Mac Minis connected by Thunderbolt

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It's #folklorethursday on the bird site. Might as well bring it over here. Here's my piece on fairy stones from my site Spooky Geology

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