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Hi! Im Mr. Encyclopedia, named after the dangerous and powerful artifact living in the magic city of Charleston.

I'm a white cisgender man that enjoys , , and whose deepist wish is to start a about said book and his friends.

I want to be an example of non-shittiness to others, so I'm always willing to take advice. If I spent as much time applying myself as I spend slumming on the internet and shitposting, I could accomplish anything.

I did not draw anything today. It... it was not a good day.

If you’re a bit sad and freaked out watch Hilda on Netflix it’s v cute

Why do I eat spaghetti? I like none of the main ingredients

The McElroy Brothers Will Be in a Trolls 2 Deleted Scene

I forced myself to draw something today. It wasn't anything good, but at least it was something.

My wife believes with all her heart that since NyQuil makes you sleepy DayQuil must wake you up.

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