Someone should build a technology that saves every online community from becoming a meta commentary about the community itself.

So when Twitter shuts down its API access in a week, migration tools like the great from @Tibor will stop working. If you want to migrate your followers do it now!

The power of AI is its ability to *enhance* humans to make decisions, process information, and automate time/mentally consuming but generally pretty low-stakes tasks (like drafting an email).

But when you step past that into delegating life-changing decisions to an AI, either explicitly (loan company says no) or implicitly (magic box says 12% yes and human operator develops rule of thumb to press "go" if number > 10), you're going to run into a world of Kafkaesque garbage really quickly.

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The problem is that the tool fails the fundamental rule of "should I use AI to solve this problem".

AI is safe to use *only* if you meet the following criteria:
1) The output doesn't matter (e.g. writing a story for your kids is safe)
2) Someone qualified assesses the veracity of the output prior to using its decision in a way that could cause harm.

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I'm not saying this will happen for sure, but if Big Tech laid off a couple hundred thousand people while the economy manages to end up being mostly just fine for the next 12-18 months, this may well be looked back upon as the era when Big Tech killed itself by freeing folks to become the competition.

Pretty excited that January is done. Had a good one, as Januaries go, but it's still the 2nd worst month. Now on to the worst...

Wild how misunderstood this Google anti-trust thing is. Most journalists don't even seem to understand what the accusations are.

So I've been secretly in a cold war with some weird crypto bros for like 6 months now, and worryingly in the last couple days it's looking like they've won. They wanted my Instagram handle, and somehow they've now got it. Without my consent. And it's kinda scary. Strap in for a toot storm (is that what we call it?) [1/16]

Upon extensive review, the only good topics are:
- In depth history.
- Golf
- Prestige TV series
- Theme Parks
- Apple Computers

I know I'm an atypical Google user (or user of search engines), but I just can't fathom going to a search engine to get a singular answer to a question (side-eye, /microsoft). I'm very curious to see what this UX will be like. I don't want one source's answer to most anything I've ever googled.

This moment in time is going to be pointed to in several best-selling business books about 10 years from now all trying to explain how the FANG-type companies managed to forfeit the future.

New in Graze v1.2 right click on websites, highlighted text, and images to share as a new post in Mastodon

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every tech company cutting 10% of their workforce despite no major declines in profits just because one of their big competitors did it before them has the biggest "skate to where the puck is" vibes

The one thing I find remarkable about this current tech economy situation is how the previous generation of great disruptors have clearly just become stock price motivated sheep.

And that's fine for running a business. Lots of very successful, older companies do that quite well for a long time.

But it's pretty boring.

An absolute kick in the teeth to all the indie devs who worked so hard to make Twitter a better experience for so many. Twitterrific was officially discontinued today and pulled off the App Store after 16 years of development. Among other firsts, they first used "tweet" to describe an update, first used a bird icon, and were the first native client on iPhone and Mac.

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Hey! Here’s a chance to help make something wonderful: We're hiring a Staff Frontend Engineer for Glitch — an extraordinary opportunity to keep innovating on the frontend experience of Glitch, and to join a deeply caring & thoughtful team. The role is U.S. remote, salary is $169,000 to $245,000, and I've found Fastly's benefits to be exceptional, well-managed & inclusive. Plus, we have a warm, collaborative ethos within both the team and the community. Join us!

It hurts just a little more every year the way Captain America: Civil War opens in 1991 acting like it's an ancient era.

Want to work on Generative AI like Open AI and Chat GPT? I'm hiring.

Sr. UX Designer, remote US and Canada.

Apply here:

@LenTesta does it strike you as odd that they'd pick Easter Week to open Tron at WDW? Already felt like half my kids' school was heading down there that week on Spring Break.

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