@matresstester I totally buy 1 if you find that valuable enough, but regarding 2) you can just not put complicated logic in your render functions 3) then we should just all be using fortran. :)

@pavsaund @jjatria wow, just read the whole thing! That's so flattering, and thank you so much for spreading the word about empathy!

@pavsaund @jjatria Yep. This comes up a lot on birdsite too, I think it makes a lot more difference than people generally realize. It's also supported by Googles research on high-performing teams - I talk about in in this episode of FFF: youtube.com/watch?v=J9OpTNk0hY (link to the research is in the description)

@dnrvs @DmytroGladkyi @pavsaund I.e. mandatory code review - it has to be something that vast majority of the programmers in your team will do voluntarily before you start implementing safeguards to prevent merges without review.

@pavsaund @DmytroGladkyi @dnrvs thanks for the kudos. I'm often self-consious and uncertain when making these statements, but I really think that we need to think about culture first and then build tools to support that culture, and not fall into the trap that we can replace culture with safeguards. The culture needs to be strong in the first place, in order for the tools to work and make the culture stronger.

What do you think are critical traits in a programmer?

I actually mean critical, NOT things needed for unicorn/senior/super/10x. I mean stuff that you *need* to feel good and function well professionally.

@DmytroGladkyi @dnrvs I get that all these things are problems, but I still don't think there is any sense in introducing a whole programming language into your stack just to get rid of bad habits in your team. If you have problems with logic in your templates, you can solve that by educating your team or some linter rules or something.

@DmytroGladkyi @dnrvs I updated the example a bit now, based on this feedback. I went for terseness because JSX was made out to be verbose.

@dnrvs @DmytroGladkyi the point that I was trying to make in the piece was that templates are misleading when it comes to readability. The JSX takes more time to parse because you're not only seeing WHAT is being rendered, you're also seeing HOW that happens. A template is easier because it only shows WHAT, which is great until you start trying to write the templates - then you have to start hitting docs.

@DmytroGladkyi @dnrvs I made a bit of mistake there. The article attacks a an overly pedagogical JSX example for being verbose, so I show how it can be made very terse, but then it become too terse (nested ternarys ARE satan).

@Finn @GlenPierce yep. This way, or tweets about who to follow. Most devs I follow on twitter I've actually found through off-twitter lists that people compiled.

@abbenm I'm big on the concept that limitations breed creativity, but 140 characters is a very heavy limitation, and I feel that it breeds more bad things than creativity because you have to strip out things like good language and politeness, in favor of brevity.

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