What do you think are critical traits in a programmer?

I actually mean critical, NOT things needed for unicorn/senior/super/10x. I mean stuff that you *need* to feel good and function well professionally.


Genuine curiosity and following where that leads to.
Everything else comes from that. From discovering new programming languages, solving users needs, improving workflow etc.

@mpj The ability to recognise their mistakes, accept there are things they don't know, and take advice from others

Programmers are often seen as isolated and antisocial, but programming is a group activity, particularly so in FOSS

@pavsaund @jjatria Yep. This comes up a lot on birdsite too, I think it makes a lot more difference than people generally realize. It's also supported by Googles research on high-performing teams - I talk about in in this episode of FFF: (link to the research is in the description)

@mpj @jjatria love that video. Also the value of psychological safety

I actually wrote a few reflections on that:

Thanks for your stuff :)

@pavsaund @jjatria wow, just read the whole thing! That's so flattering, and thank you so much for spreading the word about empathy!

@mpj @jjatria thanks! Appreciate you taking the time to read it. I know how much work is involved in creating those videos, so kudos and thanks for sharing the good message :).

@mpj @pavsaund Oh my god, I totally nailed this question 😀

Nice video (and social media strategy!)

@pavsaund @mpj

We should also be aware that not everybody will have the same ability to develop or demonstrate empathy. The tricky bit is how to generate a space in which they too can contribute to the group, without damaging the things that make it work.

So maybe A is really bad at SQL, and B is really bad at dealing with people, and C is really bad at keeping the project on schedule. But somewhere between them there is a _team_ that can take the best of everyone.

@jjatria @mpj
People skills / compassion / empathy are skills often neglected, but can be learned. Without them there is no team. Just individuals that happen to work near each other. I think for a team to play on each other's strengths, they need to be able to collaborate with each other at a certain level. Sometimes a team lead/ manager can play the middle-person between all. But I still don't think that's a team.

I've personally found Empathy to be more and more important.

Being able to seek to understand others needs. From users, stakeholders, teammates and even yourself.

@mpj Consistent indentation, basic understanding of source control, and knowing that they aren't an expert as soon as they take a course on codecademy.

@mpj I know you already filmed the first of these videos but i wanted to put my 2 cents in.

I find it hard to do anything without a good environment EG: quiet/headphones some music without lyrics not hungry etc...

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