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outlines day 10. Pale Moonlight.

The Grim Reaper is tired of living in squalor. There's not much that he needs for survival, but he certainly has *wants*. For Death, the route to riches is clear: insurance speculation.

Things were going well, but now something isn't right. One of his policies isn't passing on as scheduled. A stubborn old curmudgeon named Eric with more willpower than sense.

How can Death get this old coot to accept his fate without breaking any of the rules?

outlines day 9. Loopholes.

Every time you make a decision, you create a parallel universe. However, this doesn't mean that things spin out into an infinite number of universes. Time and space consolidates—converges—around a few people. We think of these people as being fated, as having destiny. A life without choices.

Mindy is one of these people, but she may have found a loophole. Of course, there's a catch. If she uses this loophole, she should unravel the very fabric of reality.

[fr] Je serai au Capitole du Libre 2017 ce week-end pour un atelier Krita et une séance d'autographe de Pepper&Carrot. Qui parmi vous y sera ?

[en] I'll be at Capitole du Libre 2017 this week-end for a #krita workshop and signing session of Pepper&Carrot. Will you be part of it ?

🔗 :

outlines day 8. Sleepless: The DayMind Chronicles
(I already have a short story with this premise. I think it has legs for more)

It's the future, and it sucks. A few years back, people started dying in their sleep. Like, lots of people. Everyone. We lost 3/4 of the world's adult population before we could ship a solution. DayMind. The legally-mandated mind-stabilizing multivitamin to the masses. 2 parts stimulant, 1 part anti-psychotic, 1 part magic fairy dust. This is no way to live

outlines day 7. The Santa Claus Heists

Everyone has holiday traditions. For Phillip, Dave, and Buck, it's larceny.

These three aren't career criminals. They lead normal lives all year. But they're always watching. On Christmas Eve, they rob the worst family blind. But they leave behind gifts for the kids and a clear message that Mom and Dad were so bad that Santa stole from them.

But this year has gone sideways. A *real* career criminal knows what they've been up to, and wants in.

outlines day 6. Affinity. (this one took a few tries)

Do you know what an affinity disorder is? Salvador "Fish" Mon does. If he's in contact with anything-or anyone-for too long, he starts to mentally meld with it... to be it. Hold too long while shaking hands, and he'll start using your accent. Hold his hand on a walk and he'll remember your 18th birthday like it was his own.

The problem, though, is that Fish's condition is getting worse. It's starting to manifest physically.

Just ran a process that consumed all 256GB of RAM, plus 95GB of swap on a single machine.

Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.

outlines day 5. Zombie Rustler.

The zombie apocalypse happened. Good news: humanity survived. Bad news: not much else did. And we never got rid of Zs. Just outsmarted and outlasted them. Hard decisions had to be made. See, a zombie's major organs may decay, but the muscle-the meat-is still living. Swarms of undead livestock roam the open plain, tended by herders. Bex is not one of those people. She's a rustler. And she's about to get caught. The penalty? You're cycled into the herd.

outlines day 4. The Wedding Killer.

Richard Johnson Cox has a triple-phallic name... and he's an absolute tool. Actually, he's a professional. An asshole for hire. Have you ever seen a relationship blossoming between two people who have no reason to be together whatsoever? You hire Richard to "mercy kill" those relationships before they become bad marriages. But something has gone wrong in his latest job. There's been an actual murder in a wedding party and he's suspect number one.

outlines day 3. Blink.

Charlie Copper is going to die. He's known it all his life. We all do. But Charlie? He's a bit... different. He's got a demon. Figured it out when he was 10. Each time he closes his eyes, the demon gets closer. Charlie did the math. Figures he's got until his mid-40s. But he's not waiting. He fights back. Sleeps less. Learns. Tracks his demon's identity. 25 years later, he's close, but things have changed. Timetable's accelerated. Now he's only got a week.

I suppose that should be "Favourite" if I'm to make it regionally correct. ;)

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outlines day 2. Mary Poppins: Fortune's Favorite Assassin.

Not so much an outline as a concept. The idea is that the nanny thing is just a cover for Mary Poppins' real job as a magical assassin. She works my manipulating chaos. By making small, seemingly innocuous nudges on circumstance, she can orchestrate the death of nearly anyone and make it look like an accident. Her stay with the Banks family was to kill Mr. Dawes Sr. Now their home is her base for any operation in the UK.

My little website for developing and refining proposals for new features in Blender, Right-Click Select ( has gotten an upgrade and is now a part of the recently launched Blender.Community website. Woohoo!

So yesterday's concept/outline:

There Are No Strings (The Rise of Don Pinnochio) - a dark humor revenge fairy tale in which Pinnochio's mischievous past comes back to haunt him and ends in the murder of Geppetto. With the aid of the Blue Haired Fairy and the donkey children of the Land of Toys, he exacts his vengeance.

It's kind of like John Wick and Keyser Söze got together and wrote a fairy tale.

So my plan for this year's Nanowrimo is going to be a bit unconventional for me this year. I'm not aiming for the 50k word thing. Instead, my goal is to outline a different story/book idea each day.

I'll be posting loglines (and perhaps other interesting bits) from those outlines here each day. With any luck, I'll have fleshed-out (and grown) my to-write list by 30 pieces by the end of the month.

Are you doing ? What's *your* goal?

Day 26. The wereroosters were a proud tribe. Unfortunately, since they crow at the sun, they were much easier to hunt to extinction than their werewolf cousins. Also, they were tastier. Ink and espresso.

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