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Day 22. While walking in the rain today, I found myself wondering how I might design a robotic cloud. This isn't it... but it does look kinda cool.

And also at today, I was informed that the photo booth shot in bursts of 3 images... and changed them together as a slideshow. Naturally, that meant it's the perfect venue for some pixelation.

So started today. I couldn't think of anything formal to put on my badge for a job title...

Day 21. Sometimes a horrible idea demands to be sketched. This is one of those times. Introducing the "Hold Me Back"-Pack

Day 18. Smilesbot. All the awkwardness of pretending to care. None of the need to actually experience it.

Alright... I'll bite on this "let's play a game" bit that folks are doing (for newcomers... to help make connections).

Task: Name 5-7 things (as tags, so they're searchable) that interest you but aren't in your profile.

For me:

(the 3D software )

Then... boost this post or repeat its instructions and ask others to do it, too.

Whew... re-writing these copy/paste things can be taxing.

Hey folks! For any folks around, I'll be in Raleigh, North Carolina next week for All Things Open ( If you're in or around that area around that time, gimme a shout. Always fun to catch up with creative folks who use open source.

Day 13. A little scribble to test out the time lapse feature of the little action camera I got.

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