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May all my fellow dormouse, badgers, rabbits, foxes, and other creatures of the forest have a fabulous Feast of Redwall if it is your day to do so. If not, I hope something tasty and relaxing awaits you at the end of your day and other feasts are in your future.

Violence, Opression, and the World Cup 

I'm not sure why folks are disputing the attendance numbers reported for the Senegal/Netherlands game. They're clearly including the bodies of the slaves buried under the pitch in that count.

Where my Black Autistics at?

How'd you first know?

I need to see something.

#BlackMastodon #autistic #BlackJoy

Trig Warning 

"Eating too much cake is the sin of gluttony. However, eating too much pie is OK because the sin of pi is always zero."
--Robert H. Woodman (25 July 2021 on the birdsite)

🛑 BREAKING: The European Parliament adopts a resolution declaring Russia a terrorist state.

Putin's regime is a state sponsor of terrorism, complicit in war crimes & must face the international consequences.

I am by no means the arbiter of cool, I do however have some pretty well-defined lines around uncoolness. Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson are pretty ok with nazis and fascists sharing their space so they are demonstrably uncool. The two of them attempting to excoriate Trent Reznor over him not wanting to be on Musky’s shitshow of a website is genuinely hilarious. “Yeah I know you helped define a musical genre and are an award-winning composer but you’re not as cool as my birdsite!” I’m dying.

The are no longer . We just finished the slow transition off the kitten kibble and they’re now as of today fully on adult cat food. They grow up so fast!

This’ll be the first year the zergling is tackling his own dish for our Feast of Redwall. I’m so stoked that he wants to join me in the kitchen this year. I love to cook and I’ve been hoping he might too, I try to share that love as much as possible. He definitely has that same streak of neurodivergent perfectionism that’s plagued me most of my life but I’m hoping with my being more sanguine about making mistakes now, I can impart a little of that as well.

Spent some time today figuring out what posts I want to port into the new static version of my site. Got most everything wrangled so it looks how I like it. A little bit more work to do refining the layout and then I cut over from Wordpress to a Jekyll-built static site. At a minimum I'm going to start to put more of my recipes out there on it. When I get over that bit of impostor complex I have, I see that folks like what I cook and I'd like to share that.

Hello World! is a mastodon community for Public Interest Tech folks, Civic Tech people, Govpunks, and other civillian government folks!

And it will be opening very soon!

You can head over to our website and JOIN the list to be added!

Y'all, I keep seeing the posts saying "oh someone could steal your identity on Twitter if you close your account!"

Folks - the platform literally lets you buy an official verification for $8. Protecting your handle ain't gonna do shit.

Just get out of there - in a week, no one is going to trust that platform as a source of authentic truth any more than they do *chan today.

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Human rights violations 

When you also continue to support an organization like that, doesn’t that also eventually start to speak to your character too? I mean…if I have the wrong of it, please correct me, but from my perspective it seems like you at best have to plug your ears and pretend it’s not happening or at worst you don’t care and/or support those horrible things yourself.

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Human rights violations 

When you have a platform that is now even tacitly sanguine with Nazis and other flavors of fascist, you get the hell off that platform right? And after a certain point you start to judge someone who chooses to stay because they’ve had enough time to learn about these things and are choosing to stay. So FIFA has had plenty of time to learn what kind of place Qatar is and they’ve broadcast unequivocal support for it by choosing to continue doing business there.

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Human rights violations 

I think because I’m not a sports fan at all, I don’t understand the conundrum that faces football/soccer fans right now. With the many and varied ways in which Qatar is absolutely horrific, it would seem that saying “Nah, I’m ok not watching the ” is a relatively easy, low hanging fruit for doing the right thing. I look at it like choosing to be on Twitter right now.

*a 5th rider joins the group*
DEATH: And who are you?
FAMINE: Boss, that's Absolute Free Speech.
WAR: Yeah, they make Famine and my job's much easier.
PESTILENCE: Actually they've been helping me out the last couple of years too.

My mom used to call these crepes when I was a kid. Now that I’m older and have had a real crêpe I know these are not them but I still have a great fondness for them. They’re essentially just pancake rollups with strawberry preserves in the middle and powdered sugar on top. The zergling loves them so I make them for him every so often. Perfect with a cup of coffee on a cold November morning.

Remember to *DEACTIVATE* your Twitter account, otherwise the account numbers stay inflated, which can be used to sucker advertisers. Hit 'em where it hurts.

It being , here’s a throwback photo of Cricket and Marigold the day we brought them home.

I just see it as a nod in the direction of other folks who are human, acknowledging that we’re all human and that when you roll up all the possible permutations of that, it’s the only normalcy to be found. I don’t think I’m particularly performative, I just try to be kind.

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