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Anyway, years later I saw a photo and they now had a new name, and long hair, a dress, and a smile. She looked so happy wearing “she” and even though we weren’t really all that close I was genuinely happy for her. I think that’s maybe when I first started including “he/him” in all my online profiles. The idea that one is “normal” and the other isn’t…I don’t think I care for that very much. I think maybe some folks who are less compassionate maybe see it as performative.

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Many moons ago I worked at a company that made video games. I started as their QA Automation manager and got fed up and changed to the ops team as they needed a Linux admin and I was pretty handy with Linux. There was a guy on my team who was pretty solidly every New England dudebro stereotype just rolled up into one. Always the hat, the crass jokes, the love of the Sox and the Pats, etc. He was unhappy though. When you spend a lot of your life unhappy you learn to spot your own.

Since the term has been coopted to mean any tip now, I think we need to start messing with people and post "Thanksgiving recipe " to BuzzFeed to see if we can get the term to catch on. "22 holiday phreaking techniques for your leftover mashed potatoes. You'll never believe number 12."


Many moons ago I learned that the band "Imagine Dragons" came up with that as an anagram of the band's original name. I recently learned that the running theory is it is "Ragged Insomnia." While that is a nice band name, I cannot in good conscience ignore the possibility it is "Gonad Migraines," "I Managed Groins," "Ginseng Diorama," "A Ringside Mango," or "Groin Sin Damage." As a side note, I'm 99% certain "Groin Sin Damage" was the working title for track 7 on "Pretty Hate Machine."


Hopefully the takeaway from this debacle for all of you is that we, as a collection of people, are more powerful than billionaires. All it took to cripple one of the most successful social media platforms in recent memory was for the tech expertise to be taken for granted and for that same expertise to say "No thanks, I'm done." That's why those of us who think unions are a good idea, think unions are a good idea. Collective bargaining is incredibly powerful.

Politics, refugees, and the importance of phrasing 

I feel like anyone claiming to be must have zero exposure to actual refugees or they’d realize how ridiculous that likely sounds to use such language. I mean…you do you Pikachu, but I can only imagine someone who had previously fled political violence would at best roll their eyes at you and at worst be really insulted by that. It feels like the height of entitlement to equate quitting a website with being a .

Normally I don't go in for flavors in my tea other than "tea" (no judgement mind you if you do, it's just not my thing) but damn...a bit of vanilla syrup and milk in a really strong malty cup of Assam is just delightful. I definitely get the allure of adding it to Earl Grey now.

Hey friends, remember how hard it just was to find everyone on here? Let me tell you how we're gonna fix that moving forward:

Links pages! And not just regular links pages, RDF-enhanced FOAF links pages! Automatically find your folks.

I'll write a full blog post about this later, but for now, here's a preview of what I've done in Jekyll. Web 1.1 solutions to modern problems!

Now go join my webring!

Friends, fiends, and everyone in between! Today I do the impossible! I shall have no ineffective or unnecessary meetings! It's going to be great, I'm pretty excited.

Boost this toot if you're planning on sticking around Mastodon whether or not it becomes more popular than the birdsite.

The reason that hundreds of fake active-shooter reports have been able to lock down schools all over the country this fall is the same reason that the primary use of the telephony network is to try to scam people. It’s all the same problem. Sketchy telcos are slow-walking adoption of STIR/SHAKEN (verified caller ID). As long as most of our phone calls are spam, foreign actors will be able to terrify tens of thousands of children daily.

True the materia you can equip to a cat is somewhat limited but this is exceeded by the cat’s ability to fit into any space and thus takes up simultaneously zero and infinite space in inventory.

My sourdough bread never quite seems to come out with the wide air pockets that textbook sourdough has but as I sit here with my strawberry preserves not falling through massive air holes in my bread, I'm thinking I'm OK with this flaw. Happy Tuesday all. If your day is just starting or just winding down, I hope either way it features something tasty for you.


My child had RSV at 10 weeks & again at 22 months. Both times resulted in multiple ER visits + hospital stay. Absolutely ZERO advantage for him to have had RSV at a young age, only risks (both acute & longer term). Anyone suggesting willful illness in children has lost their way.


It flew under many radars that a few days ago Amazon became the first company to ever lose 1 trillion dollars in market value. Want to know what's really scary? That only represented a 4.3% loss in market value for the company.

Y’all, I’m here to tell you — if you can protect yourself against this dumb ass flu that’s prevalent right now, do it. This is now day 5 for me, and I’m still intermittently 102+ and feel like hell.

What I want written on my tombstone: Noah Krohn...he was a pretty decent dude.

What will likely be written on my tombstone: Noah one man should have been capable of consuming that much hummus in one sitting.

I've been here for about 5 and a half years now so I guess I qualify as a old-timer? I've seen a lot of folks trying to predict if things will change here or not and having lived through other services gaining popularity, I think it likely has to, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. As with any change, the perspective new people bring and to which they adhere is somewhat predicated on how we respond to them being here. I mostly see openness so I think this is going to be great.

Did you hear about the Pennsylvania town’s occasional mobile fish farm? It’s Braddock’s Nomadic, Sporadic Haddock Paddock.

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