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🛑 BREAKING: The European Parliament adopts a resolution declaring Russia a terrorist state.

Putin's regime is a state sponsor of terrorism, complicit in war crimes & must face the international consequences.

I am by no means the arbiter of cool, I do however have some pretty well-defined lines around uncoolness. Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson are pretty ok with nazis and fascists sharing their space so they are demonstrably uncool. The two of them attempting to excoriate Trent Reznor over him not wanting to be on Musky’s shitshow of a website is genuinely hilarious. “Yeah I know you helped define a musical genre and are an award-winning composer but you’re not as cool as my birdsite!” I’m dying.

The are no longer . We just finished the slow transition off the kitten kibble and they’re now as of today fully on adult cat food. They grow up so fast!

@krusynth @waldoj Definitely Taylor Ham and half a Trenton tomato pie. Unfortunately the side effects involve instant teleportation to a service area and inability to pump your own gas.

@krusynth I was planning to self-host and use a GitHub workflow to publish to my Dreamhost server, but I'm definitely open to suggestions. The one static site I setup for GitHub pages was super simple to setup but I don't know if there's a recommended way to do this or not.

Colorado Springs Club Q attack 

@waldoj @barefootdaibhidh It really is. It’s absolutely awful.

@xiane He’s making the cranberry sauce this year. I have a recipe I’ve honed over several years and he really wants to try making it himself which I think is fantastic.

Colorado Springs Club Q attack 

@waldoj @barefootdaibhidh I was referring to Richard Fierro, though my understanding was the performer who helped him uses he/him pronouns as well and goes by Thomas James outside performing. Do you have a link with details around them being a trans woman? I hadn’t seen that and I don’t want to misgender anyone.

This’ll be the first year the zergling is tackling his own dish for our Feast of Redwall. I’m so stoked that he wants to join me in the kitchen this year. I love to cook and I’ve been hoping he might too, I try to share that love as much as possible. He definitely has that same streak of neurodivergent perfectionism that’s plagued me most of my life but I’m hoping with my being more sanguine about making mistakes now, I can impart a little of that as well.

@krusynth you were definitely already on my list of people I suspected I could send baked goods in return for answering a few questions so thank you for that 🙂. I’ve done one other simple static site but two rodeos is definitely not enough rodeos to know what I’m doing.

Spent some time today figuring out what posts I want to port into the new static version of my site. Got most everything wrangled so it looks how I like it. A little bit more work to do refining the layout and then I cut over from Wordpress to a Jekyll-built static site. At a minimum I'm going to start to put more of my recipes out there on it. When I get over that bit of impostor complex I have, I see that folks like what I cook and I'd like to share that.

@zak Thank you! Sent my resume on, fingers crossed. The bit of research I've done, it sounds like it's a pretty fantastic place to work.

Hello World! is a mastodon community for Public Interest Tech folks, Civic Tech people, Govpunks, and other civillian government folks!

And it will be opening very soon!

You can head over to our website and JOIN the list to be added!

Colorado Springs Club Q attack 

@waldoj That article is heartbreaking. I'm thankful there was someone like him there to stop the terrorist attack before it progressed further, but I hate that he was in a position that he had to do so.

@ImaBMe @krusynth Let's say the metrics around engagement stay the same but it's because there is an influx of awful people who are now allowed on the site because of relaxed policies. So now you still have the same engagement numbers and you have a newly spun metric of "I know you hear this site is all new accounts created by Nazis but on average we still have the same number of old Twitter users as we used to have." Keeping an account there provides an opportunity for that metric to exist.

@ImaBMe @krusynth Unfortunately then that still inflates the numbers around number of users for the purpose of attracting advertisers and the like. Also at a certain point it stops being "I'm leaving breadcrumbs for friends to follow" and becomes "I have an active account on a website that has said they're pretty OK with Nazis being there."

Y'all, I keep seeing the posts saying "oh someone could steal your identity on Twitter if you close your account!"

Folks - the platform literally lets you buy an official verification for $8. Protecting your handle ain't gonna do shit.

Just get out of there - in a week, no one is going to trust that platform as a source of authentic truth any more than they do *chan today.

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@zak oh nice! While not a tweep, I am poking around at what’s out there and I see a role that is a good fit for my skills. Thanks much for the post!

Human rights violations 

When you also continue to support an organization like that, doesn’t that also eventually start to speak to your character too? I mean…if I have the wrong of it, please correct me, but from my perspective it seems like you at best have to plug your ears and pretend it’s not happening or at worst you don’t care and/or support those horrible things yourself.

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Human rights violations 

When you have a platform that is now even tacitly sanguine with Nazis and other flavors of fascist, you get the hell off that platform right? And after a certain point you start to judge someone who chooses to stay because they’ve had enough time to learn about these things and are choosing to stay. So FIFA has had plenty of time to learn what kind of place Qatar is and they’ve broadcast unequivocal support for it by choosing to continue doing business there.

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