I’m pretty tired right now. And as frequently happens when I’m tired, my brain skips about like someone is playing with the radio tuner in my brain. This often leads to interesting song or quote juxtapositions. Tonight’s particular mashup paired the intro to Voltron with the intro to MTV’s Real World: “This is the story of the superforce of space explorers, picked to live in a loft and have their lives taped” and now I’m trying to figure out if that’s basically just the plot to Voltron anyway.

Birdsite Shitposting 

Pretty sure is getting close to the point where ol' is going to start putting golden tickets in bags of coffee and boxes of tea so that "lucky" engineers who find one can come work in his wonderland. I'm not insinuating he is anything like Willy Wonka by the way, just that it's someone else's idea so given his history and track record, he'll likely steal that and claim he invented the idea.

@bogiperson This is definitely not my area of expertise but would Rachel Elior qualify? Looks like there is a photo on Wikipedia.

Unfortunately I have to stop actively working on #Metatext for a while due to health issues. I really wish I could implement Mastodon 4 features and squash every bug, but it's not possible for me to do so right now.

I know the app has become important to a lot people, so I'm open to a new maintainer who can carry on its values of privacy and accessibility taking it over if there's interest and a fit. Email info@metabolist.org if you (or your organization) are interested

@unallamas As do I! Join me in George Mike-Hel then, it's quite lovely this time of year.

I know during the dark days of many warriors strive for the halls of . Sadly I am no such warrior for I love the song "Last Christmas" and Wham! in general. As I have listened to it by choice, my wound is self-inflicted so the doors to will forever remain closed to me. I am destined for an eternity in George Mike-Hel.

When I started my professional career and I interviewed with companies, I used to ask "Does your company support a healthy work/life balance?" Around a decade ago, I started to see the uselessness in that question and I changed the format a bit. Now I ask, "What does your company do to *encourage* a healthy work/life balance?" Chances are, everyone will say they support a work/life balance but if they have no answer to what they do to encourage it, that gives you very useful information indeed.

@krusynth Definitely like the eleven-pointed star better. Looks great!

@PowerCatDan The wee creature's name was "Timer." Supposedly used to represent the sense of time in the human body - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_for - though I personally think Timer was likely an Elder God that existed beyond time and space in a dimension of pure cheese.

The problem no one ever talks about is how often you will randomly hanker for a hunk of cheese.

I'm enjoying that my feed is filled with just , , , , , , , and . I'm sure there probably is a way to monetize Mastodon content but I admit, I'm enjoying the lack of hustle that's here right now. It was quiet here for a good stretch, it's been nice having all these new neighbors.

May all my fellow dormouse, badgers, rabbits, foxes, and other creatures of the forest have a fabulous Feast of Redwall if it is your day to do so. If not, I hope something tasty and relaxing awaits you at the end of your day and other feasts are in your future.

@sorinorii Ah yes, a classically prepared Whatthefucken...well done.

Violence, Opression, and the World Cup 

I'm not sure why folks are disputing the attendance numbers reported for the Senegal/Netherlands game. They're clearly including the bodies of the slaves buried under the pitch in that count.

Where my Black Autistics at?

How'd you first know?

I need to see something.

#BlackMastodon #autistic #BlackJoy

Trig Warning 

@ralphpreston Glorious, please let me know if the groans of anguish are especially sweet.

Trig Warning 

"Eating too much cake is the sin of gluttony. However, eating too much pie is OK because the sin of pi is always zero."
--Robert H. Woodman (25 July 2021 on the birdsite)

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