While I mostly talk about or on here, you’ll get the occasional post from me as well. For those just getting to know me, I always refer to my kiddo as “The Zergling.” Initially because he evolved adrenal glands early, but also because I want him to control his public online life and if I’m constantly naming him and sharing photos then he loses that choice because I already put him out there. It’s not that I mistrust any of you, I just want the choice to be his.

While I didn’t post much on Twitter, I am definitely going to miss the and feed I cultivated over the years. If y’all have recommendations for folks to follow, let me know.

Despite having had this account for several years, @krusynth reminded me through his post that I never actually did an for myself. So howdy, I'm Noah. I'm a dad, a engineer recently turned manager, and a run-of-the-mill late forties geek. Work weapons of choice are primarily of the and variety. Once upon a time when I had free time I played D&D whenever possible. I've kept every console gaming system I've ever owned, going back to my Atari 2600.

I’m dressed as a naughty manager for this year. I’ve had the team put in a change request to push untested code into production at 4 PM this Friday.


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