I can't find ANY images of scholars of Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism in antiquity, ANYthing) which have clear and permissive licensing, and which are *not* of cisgender men.

(Many cisgender men.)

Many scholars I discuss, I have no pics to show students.

Please take permissive photos of your colleagues & put them on Wikimedia Commons / Wikipedia etc. even if they are not cis men.

#Mazeldon #Jewish #JewishStudies #ReligiousStudies #CreativeCommons #Licensing #Kabbalah #Mysticism


@bogiperson This is definitely not my area of expertise but would Rachel Elior qualify? Looks like there is a photo on Wikipedia.

@monkeyninja Oh yes this is wonderful! Thank you! I am actually going to mention her this Wednesday, so I can insert the photo there :)

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