Where my Black Autistics at?

How'd you first know?

I need to see something.

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I'll go first. So it was last year. I was suffering from autistic burnout after suing my mayor to the state supreme court, while running a startup, while going through a divorce, while dealing with CPS and loosing my child custody rights over false complainst.

Whew. So I started researching what I was feeling and heard about autistic burnout.

Suddenly the pieces kinda started falling into place....

1. My parents thought I couldn't speak until like the age of 3-4.

BUT one day my mom is getting my from daycare/great-aunties house and they caught me whispering to ONE kid.

I'd -only- been talking to a single soul 😂 😅

(50% of autistic kids develop language late, I've read)

I start talking to my folks but very little. I eventually speak exclusively to my (exactly) 3yr older sister.

2. Life changes. I -hate- when my environment changes.

I found out that we had moved a few times when I was a kid. I remember being like 5yo (that's about where my life memory starts)

I just remember absolutely loosing it. Like -wut- environmental changes are possible. No, not just possible, but frequent. Expected even!

The audacity!

Kid me was like "take. it. back." 😂

2.1 Environment changes.

No small changes. Yea f*ck that couch!

Re-arrange my room or clean, -before- I'm ready/projects are done?

How do you expect my brain to function under that kind of chaos lmao. JUST rage lmao.

I literally remember being like 6yo and asking my mom to define "cleanup". I literally DID. NOT. UNDERSTAND.

Black moms... um, might not always understand how to deal with that. My mom was shook. I was out here writing a book about change = bad.

3. Other things.

Loves routines, but my circadian rhythm was way out of sync with school. I wasn't late, I just wasn't awake yet. Adults tried harder to shove my (square peg) into round hole (school's schedule)

Very literal, thus bad at small talk. Translates into bad at relating to most people. That's tough in a big ass loving Black family.

Quite, nah constant comic book sound track noises. Still to this day!

Loves solo play!

#BlackMastodon #autistic

4. Adulthood + coping.

So throughout all of this I heard "but you're so smart" a -lot-. I'm absolutely paperwork stupid(its like greek to me) so that combined with social challanges made things like child custody battles and startup life pretty challenging, mostly for others to understand why I don't succeed like they "know" I can. At this point I've understood myself crazy deep just didn't have the words for explaining to others without burnout.

So anyways. Hope this can help some Black parents understand and contextualize what Black Autistic kids might present like in your life.

I heard "you're white" a lot as a kid. Meanwhile I had clearly read the most for my age about slavery / white supremacy / systemic racism and knew more about it than my folks by like 10. Because I had to, to make sense of the world.

Hope this helps and I'd love to read your journeys!

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