This’ll be the first year the zergling is tackling his own dish for our Feast of Redwall. I’m so stoked that he wants to join me in the kitchen this year. I love to cook and I’ve been hoping he might too, I try to share that love as much as possible. He definitely has that same streak of neurodivergent perfectionism that’s plagued me most of my life but I’m hoping with my being more sanguine about making mistakes now, I can impart a little of that as well.

@monkeyninja What's he planning on making? I'm excited for both of you! I hope he decides that he loves cooking.


@xiane He’s making the cranberry sauce this year. I have a recipe I’ve honed over several years and he really wants to try making it himself which I think is fantastic.

@monkeyninja oh, that's a great choice to start with! I see success in his future!

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