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This account aims to be a meeting place in the Fediverse for mechanical keyboards enthusiasts. Anyone can contribute by using hashtags like , , ... or by mentioning @mkb, although not every such messages will be re-shared: quality over quantity!

Legal notice: the profile picture is "Cherry G80-3000LSMUS 青軸" by
Xaver Y.R. Chen, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The PCBs for the #keyboard have arrived, and they look good. Almost all the keycaps fit. Except for the space, which is longer than I anticipated, because I made the gaps between the keys much smaller than normal. Now I can either dremel it down to size, or use smaller Alt keys — I will go with the second option for now, I can always whittle it down later.

new MelGeek board on Drop has bluetooth, which I love to see increase in availability... not a fan of this layout but maybe someone here is?

Rama Milk finally shipped, I hope everyone has better luck than I have with my M65-A. They really look fantastic but they short out at the connector and have foot-wobble IME.

Configuring the mechanical keyboard to experiment and see if the colemak mod-dh layout improves my flow a little or not.

#mechanicalkeyboard #annepro2 #colemak

Reviung39, not split but still spicy. Thumb cluster is too small IMO.

Zinc OTKB! Japanese maker has an international buying guide but it's still a little tricky to get and assemble because it relies on another kit you have to nail down... but damn it's handsome!

I think I really like columnar stagger Ortho layouts

these Corne builds make me feel some type of way

all the cases are 3D printed too

what fresh heck is this?!

when this macbook is charging, one of the other ports goes to 20v instead of 5v... this fried my new keyboard's PCB (the LDO regulator became a light-emitting resistor for a brief moment)!

anyway, where can I get a new TC1264 3.3v quick, fast, and in a hurry?

just started, trying to finish a whole board in one sitting
wish me luck!

I'm considering going with a 65% sized keyboard as my first project. It's cheaper to build, less commercial competition and.. 80% and above doesn't make sense anyway. ;)

they say that everything between your body and the ground is worth investing in good quality products; shoes, chair, bed; things like that. I definitely think that keyboards should be counted amongst those, especially if you spend a big part of your day interacting with it.

The idea of a split #keyboard does intrigue me, but I think I'd first like to try it out first; unfortunately I don't know anyone in my surroundings who has one. :)

beautiful PCB for M0LLY! the group buy ends tomorrow but I didn't join because I just don't like numpads on keyboards for some reason

#ErgoDoxEZ, the preassembled version of #ErgoDox, seems to be by far the split-design #MechanicalKeyboard best suited to my needs. I put a product in the official website's shopping cart and went through part of the checkout for shipping rates, and surprisingly shipping is free to Korea?? I'll be setting aside the funds and keeping my fingers crossed for a possible sales event. 🙏

How to make your C codebase rusty: rewriting keyboard firmware keymap in Rust · houqp #keyboards #Rust

Quote: "For [Elite-C] V3, we decided to play around with adding castellated holes to allow for soldering to a board with special solder pads for a lower profile build."

There also a couple of news about #qmk

I finally soldered up and programmed the 5plit #keyboard by OddRocket, and it works at first try. I still need to get used to this layout, as I'm not normally a touch typist, but it feels nice.

Happy Halloween! We've got a small treat for you: We now sell keyswitches and hot-swap sockets. The first 18 products are in stock at - If we don't have your favorite switches yet, drop us a note at to let us know.

What's your preferred keyboard size for your main keyboard (that's also programmable)?

Image showing the physical sizes:

I'm collecting data for a future project. Please don't mind the ISO-layout in the example images, it's not relevant here.


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