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This account aims to be a meeting place in the Fediverse for mechanical keyboards enthusiasts. Anyone can contribute by using hashtags like , , ... or by mentioning @mkb, although not every such messages will be re-shared: quality over quantity!

Legal notice: the profile picture is "Cherry G80-3000LSMUS 青軸" by
Xaver Y.R. Chen, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Another in progress with Kailh BOX Thick Clicks. This time an Iris split ergo. Beautiful PCB you sadly can't see daily. Should have gotten the low-profile version TBH and put chocs on it... ah well, maybe next build!

What kind of #keyboard do you rock?

I've posted the source for the keyboard (now named Grid60) at

Now with F+J nubs! I drilled a hole in the keycaps and stuck in pieces of PLA filament that had been rounded off by using a rotary tool as a lathe.

I found out today that you can chain keycodes in QMK like this: `LCTL(LALT(KC_C))`.

I have bound that to the key `c` on my secondary layer. So if I press `Fn+c` it will function as `Ctrl+Alt+c`.

No more moving my hand when I want to copy and paste text anymore!

#MechanicalKeyboards #QMK

The switches and keycaps for my new keyboard arrived and I had to get it ready to type on! The switches are Gateron silent brown (I'm not a huge fan of how they feel, but they're definitely nice and quiet for taking to work). The keycaps are roughly the green colour of the company I work at.

I'll probably give this a break before I get designing a case.

It reminds me of Christmas. #crkbd walnut case, bigbang MDA keycaps

Compaq MX 11800 from1997 with Cherry Brown switches (stock). DSA 2077 keycaps are new.

The new Nolive Cream switches looks so good! I love green! :D They're decently priced as well. I might have to buy these..


After having used a respectable sample of #MechanicalKeyboards, it's kinda weird to me why Cherry is still more respected than its competition. I understand it's likely because they got a head start before their patent ran out, so I'm willing to be patient. And it probably doesn't help that the worst switches I've seen have been Kailh (browns feel weak and they die often).

But Outemu is AMAZING. By far fave switch is Outemu brown. So substantial! And great for bringing costs down for mech KBs.

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