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This account aims to be a meeting place in the Fediverse for mechanical keyboards enthusiasts. Anyone can contribute by using hashtags like , , ... or by mentioning @mkb.

Legal notice: the profile picture is "Cherry G80-3000LSMUS 青軸" by
Xaver Y.R. Chen, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

OK so I have a mechanical keyboard with brown switches that I love every thing about except the placement of the right shift key. I would be happy to sell or trade.


I'm working on an article about mechanical keyboard that lists some of the more commonly asked questions. I also intend to do some myth busting.

Is there anything you want to know or something you want to see on the list?


Any good 60%, 75% or 80% ortholinear #MechanicalKeyboards out there? Looking for a new #keyboard to replace my current one.

@mkb It's just a classic station in acrylic for anyone who wants to mod their switches.

Something like this (but with space for all parts of the switch):

I'm hoping to be able to offer the new factory lubed switches from NovelKeys, so you won't have to mod them if you don't want to.

The order for the parts to my prototype keyboard case and my switch modding station has just been confirmed.

The waiting game can begin!

I have this idea (not very novel) for a tiny 40% keyboard layout that I would like to try. Also, perhaps the Kailh laptop scissor switches...

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The nice lady from the postal service has finally brought me the Plaid kit I had ordered many months ago, and I am QUITE excited about it. Now I just need a few more weeks to find enough time to assemble it...


the wait time for a Pikatea mountable macro pad is disgusting and I still signed up because I am powerless against it

o-ring modded my keyboard (Coolermaster Masterkeys Pro S with MX Brown) a few days ago, but I still feel like it's too loud...
Anyone from the #mechanicalkeyboards community that can help?

(mainly the "clack")


quite possibly the final PCB design for the MNT Reform keyboard, both standalone and for the laptop.

The feeling of joy that rushes through my fingers when I get home to my high end keyboard after a day at work with the shit Apple keyboard! My keyboard is like typing on clouds comparded to that abysmal keyboard.

it's my birthday today; as a treat here's what we're gonna do

I'll send the first five people who show receipts for at least $200 donated to Rosehip Medic Collective in PDX or Don't Shoot PDX one of these weird handmade mechanical keyboards I build.

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