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This account aims to be a meeting place in the Fediverse for mechanical keyboards enthusiasts. Anyone can contribute by using hashtags like , , ... or by mentioning @mkb, although not every such messages will be re-shared: quality over quantity!

Legal notice: the profile picture is "Cherry G80-3000LSMUS 青軸" by
Xaver Y.R. Chen, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

the keyboard is wired and working, but most importantly I now have a killer faceplate

#cyberdeck chronicles

No plans for Friday! Perfect timing because my parts for the mechanical keyboard arrived #tada68

TheKey.Co is starting on a modern Apple M0110A clone and it might just be the best thing to ever happen to me.

This is the keyboard in question. It's a Filco Majestouch (not the 2) with MX blue switches. The commonly used keys have rubber dampeners, except the Enter key - makes for a nice contrast in the sound ;)

The fancy keycaps were a gift from @draemmli

I think I've finally found my ideal switches. Kailh Copper. They are tactile, fast, light and fairly quite.

feeling the ISO return is right for this board, might get out the soldering iron tonight

thinking of building a NightFox with this black beauty from as inspiration

chassis is more or less complete, but I want to add a face plate to the screen

still a lot of wiring to do including the battery, waiting for a thin HDMI cable to get shipped

I want to add a panel on the left with LEDs and toggle switches, going to have a lot of fun with that

#cyberdeck chronicles

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