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This account aims to be a meeting place in the Fediverse for mechanical keyboards enthusiasts. Anyone can contribute by using hashtags like , , ... or by mentioning @mkb, although not every such messages will be re-shared: quality over quantity!

Legal notice: the profile picture is "Cherry G80-3000LSMUS 青軸" by
Xaver Y.R. Chen, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

GMK Nautilus 2 is available now and the matching deskmat has a Hilbert space-filling curve

I have had plans on learning how to make my own custom cables for some time now. I guess it's a good time to start when you accidentally step on your the custom cables you already own.

This is a somewhat old picture (I took it few month back) of my student room.
Currently I'm back to my parents home and only have a laptop

With my new mouse pad I could drag and drop the whole world :D

I think I posted previously about porting my keyboard firmware to MicroScheme, but
I've finally gotten it polished to the point where I'm comfortable having it as my daily driver.

I also spent some time commenting it copiously, so if you're ever curious about how a #keyboard firmware works or what it would look like to write one in #scheme, you might like this:

(note that Microscheme is a very small subset of Scheme; it's missing a ton of stuff. I just added `when' yesterday.)

@hund cool website, here is what i found:

this is almost exactly what i want. i would prefer two 8·4 keypads, instead of 4·7 tho.

here's the bigger idea:

also one of my use case would be as #16EDO musical #keyboard 🤓.



if you're curious to see more about this, I gave a talk about the design of the Atreus at RacketCon last summer

and also posted about the process of building the initial prototype on my blog
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The prototype boards is fully assembled. The next part is the firmware and to test them before giving them a new home to some brave friends.


I love how these keyboards look, not to mention they are made with through hole components only. No case, no plate, no Pro Micro, everything is soldered on the board.


today we're launching the campaign for the Keyboardio Atreus, the ultraportable ergonomic mechanical keyboard!

I've been selling these as DIY #mechanicalkeyboard kits for over 5 years, but now working together with @obra we're able to offer a fully-assembled version at a significantly lower price; check it out!
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