Fit bits are just Tamagotchis for adults but turns out you're the blob you're trying to keep alive.

50 million down the drain, Tony Martial scores again! 2-1

Listening to an interview with @Gargron on #TheChangelog podcast. It's really good! They talk about the early history of Mastodon, how federation works, and what's so exciting about #ActivityPub. I love seeing these sorts of publicity efforts - let's grow the #Fediverse!

Here's a link to the podcast:

Enjoyed this article on the current web development landscape and how to develop responsibly.

Holy crap. Malware hidden in a strand of DNA hijacks the computer that analyzes that particular gene sequence.

We're going to live in a very weird world man.

Trying to streamline support from this account a little, so we need your help!

When talking about #Tusky just hashtag, if you need to talk with us, you can @Tusky

Thank you in advance.

With today's upcoming sync to stable (in ~4 hours), we kindly request that you run your updates via the Terminal (sudo eopkg up). You may need to do this twice to perform a full upgrade (you'll notice it when you get to GIMP), but it shouldn't be an issue moving forward (as in, you should be able to then go back to using the SC if that is your normal method of updating Solus). We needed to perform a modification to eopkg, we'll have more details on it with tomorrow's roundup!

It's time for another Roundup, your bytes of news! In this roundup, we talk developer tools, upcoming 10.5 release features, and more!

The wait is over: It has arrived! @Tutanota @fdroidorg
Everybody involved: thanks for all the hard work!

Bale with maybe the best goal I've ever seen

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