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I'm using for its single-column layout so if you follow me here, please also follow me there:

D'oh! I set RUSTUP_TOOLCHAIN="nightly" explicitly in .bashrc when I first installed weeks ago. Of course, this takes precedence over the rustup-toolchain file. A self-inflicted wound by this newbie being too clever by half!

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Solved. My nightly toolchain was too recent; the project depended upon a specific older version. A maintainer told me that rustup, when installed from the project directory, should use the version specified in rust-toolchain file but I found that I had to explicitly download it. 😕

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Any rustaceans available to help a newbie resolve `cargo +nightly build` errors for a project using external crates with unstable features?

Last night I spent some time perusing movies on YouTube and bookmarked several dozen subtitled foreign films. Decisions, decisions, … 😃

Yay! My first refactoring PR has been accepted. Baby steps. Now onto something bigger. 😃

Looking for a good starter project. I'd like to collaborate on an existing project where I can cut my teeth on the language and learn best practices, yet still contribute as an experienced software developer. Any suggestions?

Yay! Finished with the Rust Book and I'm now about to begin my first starter project: resolving an issue on the uuid crate, as suggested to me by one of its maintainers. 😄
Now, if only I could understand its overly terse description to figure out what's needed. 😕

Groundbreaking, must-read journalism right here. The Toronto Star's Amy Dempsey investigates whether Toronto's raccoons have learned to open the new green bins. Are we making them…smarter?

How Unpaywall is transforming open science: Unpaywall has become indispensable to many academics, and tie-ins with established scientific search engines could broaden its reach.

Need a paper? Get a plug-in
A collection of web-browser plug-ins is making the scholarly literature more discoverable.

Nearly finished studying the book again, 6mo later, including most of the exercises this time. I have just the final project to complete: writing a multi-threaded web server.

Switched to the Mstdn desktop app for Linux. It's more full-featured than Whalebird, which is missing block/mute and list editing (among others), although I do prefer its Slack-like UI and windowing behaviour so I may check again later.

Whalebird is a nice Mastodon app. I prefer the Slack-like interface focused more on a single tab rather than the multi-column layout of the browser interface. The multi-account feature is good, too.

I've been lurking for a bit and may continue for a while longer as I'm still unsure what topics I want to focus on here. Perhaps software development / programming, rather than politics and the impending collapse of our civilization, which I tend towards on other platforms. ;-)

I'm back online after a long hiatus to see what's up with Mastodon and discovered a new (to me, anyways) feature to filter posts by language. I'd love to reduce traffic on the public stream (a pause feature would be nice, too, 'cuz I just can't keep up!) but I don't see any difference when I filter by language. Does this feature work? Is it only for the Home stream?

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