U2F Zero is an open source U2F token for 2 factor authentication. github.com/conorpp/u2f-zero

I wish things like Webex/Goto Meeting/Zoom/Google Hangout worked on as it's the last hurdle for me to ditch everything else completely to

You want this, pretty badly. please test, and report back!

(the diff only applies the changes to iwm(4))

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Do you use #OpenBSD? Or #OpenSSH,# LibreSSL or #PF (on any platform)? Then donating to the OpenBSD Foundation is a good thing: openbsdfoundation.org/campaign. If you need more reasons, here's my "OpenBSD and you" presentation: home.nuug.no/~peter/openbsd_an

We are now writing release notes for #OpenBSD 6.2


This is work in progress. If you want to help out, go through commits since April 1st 2017, get a copy of www/62.html from CVS or git, add missing entries for important changes new in 6.2, and mail your diff to me (stsp@openbsd.org). I will review and consider adding your suggestions.

(If you have a local clone of the CVS repo, via cvsync or rsync, the relevant commits are listed in the file CVS/Changelog)

Plex is no longer going to allow their paying customers to opt-out of having their viewing metadata collected and used by Plex (presumably for direct or indirect profit).

Remember when it was enough to pay a company for a piece of software without them pimping out your personal information for a little extra profit on the side?

Tomorrow is the last day to submit presentations for the #RIPE75 meeting in Dubai. All of the information is at ripe75.ripe.net/submit-topic/c

(PS I'm on the Programme Committee)

#bgp #networking #conference #ripe

Compte skype de ma grand-mรจre bloquรฉ...


Va reussir ร  faire debloquer le compte ร  une personne qui n'y voit presque rien. En plus l'assistance Microsoft est bien sรปr mal fichue. Merci...

PSA: a list of all previous #OpenBSD-daily reads ends up in this git repository (sooner or later) github.com/mulander/openbsd-da

@gonzalo @mulander I have still to decide which window manager to settle for. What are you using?

Just tagged a new release of the FreeBSD bhyve manager iohyve if you're into that kinda thing. Coming to a ports tree near you soon.

0.7.9 -- I Believe in You, You Can Do the Thing Edition


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