@milvus it’s interesting to see that there’s a lot of activity coming out of instances with relatively few users

@Thepunkgeek Well, the plot inflates the point cloud so it' readable...
Here with the real point position added :

@milvus "Social", "4c", and "." are rather odd. messy data?

@migratory Nice catch, I didn't see that. It comes from messy data, especially IDN en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internat instance names.
I'll have to clean that...

@milvus Why is the TLD "Social" (!= ".social") on the chart? (At around 1000 users and 10000 statuses)

@clonejo Messy data : "Equestria.Social" ! I'll clean that... 😀

@milvus ah :)
Probably won't change much, though.
Cool statistic!

Mastodon. Where a single user still can make an impression :D

@milvus the graph is not linear and might give a very wrong impression while comparing. Still thanks for plotting!

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