Created for the '16 primaries/election but maybe also now for SCOTUS? πŸ€” :blobawkward:

pls boost to make me feel better about how much Bear hates me for trying to get him to take a selfie together 😭

My totally sane undocumented gay rescue cat of color Freddy enjoying his sΜΆtΜΆrΜΆiΜΆnΜΆgΜΆ
fancy new toy.

Boost or I take away his string. Don't be a monster.

Sample page from "An Inconvenient Douche" and the Table of Contents.

The campaign ends tonight. (Finally)
Book ships as soon as I get it back from the printers.

Link in bio. ✊❀️

It's Columbus Day & Kavanaugh Day. Maybe this will help? At least the story on this one is real. :neko_roling_eyes: 😜

My undocumented gay rescue cat of color Freddy sinking into his couch fort.

Boost because cat.

hey guys!! it's my BlRTHDAY!!! can i have some boosts ^.^

"Chelsea Clinton/Run for office not ruled out" - The Guardian
Let's hope it's in another country. 😜
Don't think I can take that ***Show 1 more time :blobbandage:

"Stop calling us Mormons." - Russell Nelson, head Mormon

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