yes, let us be the poet, the fool who dreams. the beggar who wonders the streets in search of a piece of her paradise.

her red cherry lips speak so many interesting tales.
but tell me, what brave audience dares not think about kissing them until there's nothing left in between but the kiss itself?

her red cherry lips speak so many interesting tales.
but tell me, what audience is so brave and dares not think about kissing them until there is nothing in between but the kiss.

young and uninterested of what the world might think of her. wearing that same soccer outfit every day. but her eyes reveal a beauty so true:
a beauty that's timeless and one that you've always known so, so well

a day of meditation and reflection.
31 trips around the setting sun maketh one just a little bit wiser.

time to reinvent myself.
time to go from zero to hero.
without skipping a beat.
without any shortcuts.
without looking back on that sweet and seductive mediocrity.

how wonderful to have met her, with her eyes made of magic.
they remind me of those times when i was a kid and i was writing poetry, while starring into the sea, and..

rain and a morning of solitude might try to bring one down, but one must stand one's ground, for today is the day of Mars - the warrior, and the archetype of all those who have won in the face of adversity.

i plan to be the last remaining human to ever watch GOT. by that time i'll be 60 years old and i'll watch it with my hipster grandkids.

Do you think we will still hear your racing commentary at race 500? :D

My new album is out now!
Neptune is a journey within, exploring the boundaries of modern classical and electronica.
Listen to it at

watch this space for my new album - neptune, which will be released next month.

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