Question for FastAPI devs: How do you work with databases?

All the SQLAlchemy tutorials I'm seeing (even the official one) are terrible, as they ask you to use "def" functions instead of "async def". How can you live with that big limitation?

Alchemical, the little package I created to simplify the use of SQLAlchemy 1.4 and 2.0 in Python apps, now also includes an integration with Alembic. Did I mention that it works with Flask, FastAPI and pretty much any other web framework, standard or async? Check it out!

A long overdue release of Flask-Migrate 4.0 is finally out, with default support for SQLite batch mode migrations, automatic column type detection changes and the option to rename the "db" command to whatever you like. Enjoy!

Well, everybody is doing it, so I'm also going to give my Mastodon account a chance.

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