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Thought canarying would be difficult to shoehorn in, *but* it's just a matter of having a serivce listen to a non-main branch.

also lot of fun to poke a serivce's git repo with another tool and see it changing

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Neither sms your code, nor email you code works, when downloading your twitter archive, ergo: can't download my twitter archive. Maybe scrape the site while it's still up?

Which browser do you use?
Thanks for any boosts! I wanna know!

Why does linux allow multiple identical bind mounts?

🧵"Twitter 2.0" is trending.
I'm a foremost expert on this and let me tell you what you should do: quit, take the 3 month severance with your friends, and build the 2.0 version yourself. Musk will give up and buy your company in a couple years.

Need a better name to create another repo to start some coding

Show thread contains two scripts that are basically it, using 'blah-origin' as the repo with the content to be provisioned. Gonna start writing some code

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@miek I like your thoughts. I think you’re right about something missing in this space: canaries and rollbacks. Having tried my hands at Puppet and Chef, I really loathe client-side processing where what is doing the processing needs bootstrapping with Ruby gems and similar. A simple statically-linked client-controller binary with limited/zero plugin capability would be :chef kiss:.

The tusky top bar notification icon looks like a dead spider laying on it's back....

Never liked the current crop of provisioning tools (for bare metal). Tried to write down a design of what I think I actually need:

Asked for my Twitter archive and slowly unfollowing folks that have shown up here. The end of the bird site is near

To be clear:

No. Nobody should have an opinion on things like MAX_THREADS or CONCURRENCY_POOL or WEB_COUNT in your application.

Its not an "education" problem with administrators not understanding your stack. Its application problem, and in this case a programming language problem.

Your app should dynamically allocate itself as needed like nginx, redis, postgres and all the other services.

We shouldn't be asking operators to get "good" at doing "bad" things.

Decided to look at network stats again. There are 1M more people using #Mastodon today than there were on October 27.

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