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You can bind mount a single file in Linux... Makes sense, but was unexpected that would just work

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

I regret nothing

ssh.Handle(func(s ssh.Session) {
if len(s.Command()) == 0 {
io.WriteString(s, http.StatusText(http.StatusBadRequest))

@bradbeam ah. Yes. But i control the client too, so I can just make it talk ssh too.

@bradbeam how does that help (I know little about socks).
(I want ssh here, for the auth feature btw)

@20thr @matt
you want
although it proved too hard to follow the k8s interfaces.
Also many unsolved things: tls setup, bootstrapping, etc.

With the Twitter reinstatement of the former US President who attempted to incite a fascist coup after losing an election, now would _really_ be a good time to stop cross-posting your Twitter RTs here.

If you feel that cross-posting is the only way to maintain a presence here, please consider limiting it to original posts without mentions or RTs, to avoid cluttering timelines with Twitter URLs. Thank you kindly for your consideration. is feature complete, I just added a way to bootstrap the whole thing.
It's amazing simple still considering what you can do with it

The last developers at Twitter are the guys who can’t leave easily because of work visas.

sending yourself a HUP signal in Go

done := make(chan os.Signal, 1)
signal.Notify(done, syscall.SIGHUP)
log.Info("Config change detected, sending SIGHUP")
done <- syscall.SIGHUP

ugly..., but robust enough - I think

@matt huh, how does it even....
gitlab being slow??

Thought canarying would be difficult to shoehorn in, *but* it's just a matter of having a serivce listen to a non-main branch.

@alwirtes ack. But I'm talking about public, hosted lists by someone else that you can follow.
I know I can set up my own lists

@maybit @danyork please go ahead. Would love to see this here.
Could you tag me there too, please 😁 @miekg

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