`unable to clean up mess surrounding './etc/prometheus/console_libraries' before installing another version: Read-only file system`

ah yes, sorry `dpkg`, that's me

@matt @myitcv
I'm unsure where any config lang would fit here. This things just gives you "config", it's up to you how to interpret that.

Risks to Mastodon with increasing popularity 

Interesting comment on Hackernews regarding a possible scenario/long term risk should Mastodon threaten the corporate sphere of social media.


As you're considering the other new Twitter alternatives, ask yourself if you really want to go to another corporate entity that could end up being just as bad as Twitter and Facebook. Algorithmic sites, by design, reward hate and outrage. You're jumping into another fire.

We have a rare and fleeting chance to build something different right now.

I'm choosing to spend my time trying to make this place succeed — helping new users and saving my best content for here.

hmmm, I can export a dir that is the mount point of my mutfs with samba...tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
(umounting and doing again works).


Some important rules when considering adding ML to your app:
1. Start building without machine learning
2. Continue without machine learning
3. Be blissfully unaware of concept drift, model versioning, AUC, and feature engineering
4. Turn off the computer
5. Go outside and buy a small child an ice cream cone
6. Sit with your beloved under the stars and, wonder at the vastness of the universe and your small role in it
7. Turn the computer back on, you’re now ready to add only linear regression

This week for #projects — in the vein of what @simon has been posting — I have been partnering with @miek on his github.com/miekg/gitopper, which a small, simple agent to manage GitOps on a node.

It's a therapeutic project to work on. I have a lot of configuration management sins from earlier in my life to atone for, so I want to do right. But in all seriousness, I find the problem statement compelling: miek.nl/2022/november/15/provi.

Happy hacking!

% stat <file>

Birth: 2022-11-24 14:06:32.415338146 +0100

BIrth??? Since when is that tracked
(ext4 fs)

FUSE gives you such a powerful feeling.... Stand aside you ext2/3/4, XFS amateurs, here comes hobby FS

@heinragas yep, also github.com/dbaumgarten/addfs
(didn't google for append-only). This comes close, prolly needs an upgrade though

@heinragas looking for something you can just deploy locally. Prolly start playing with (go-)fuse and write one

I'm in the process of looking for a write once filesystem. Open a file, write, close and now it's immutable. Does such a thing exist?aube as overlay or fuse (overlay)?

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