This week for #projects — in the vein of what @simon has been posting — I have been partnering with @miek on his, which a small, simple agent to manage GitOps on a node.

It's a therapeutic project to work on. I have a lot of configuration management sins from earlier in my life to atone for, so I want to do right. But in all seriousness, I find the problem statement compelling:

Happy hacking!

@matt @simon @miek I look forward to seeing how CUE ( will make it into this setup!

@myitcv @miek What are your thoughts on where CUE would fit in the best into this? There is agent configuration, which is done now in TOML. That's likely. I could potentially see CUE as an orchestrator between the agent's configuration and the data that is deployed? I need to be honest in saying that I haven't thought of the latter proposition very carefully and would need someone to fill in the hand-wavy bits. ;)


@matt @myitcv
I'm unsure where any config lang would fit here. This things just gives you "config", it's up to you how to interpret that.

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