I'm in the process of looking for a write once filesystem. Open a file, write, close and now it's immutable. Does such a thing exist?aube as overlay or fuse (overlay)?

@miek Both Azure and AWS offer such storage in their clouds


@heinragas looking for something you can just deploy locally. Prolly start playing with (go-)fuse and write one

@miek I thought as much :)
We have customers who have legal retention periods, and they want to get that content off their premises when they're done with it. So they write it to S3 WORM and let it sit there for seven years and then it gets deleted. In such use cases, the expectation is that it'll never get used again, but it has to be available.
Your use case probably sees heavy(er) use, so it makes sense to keep it much closer.

@heinragas yep, also github.com/dbaumgarten/addfs
(didn't google for append-only). This comes close, prolly needs an upgrade though

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