Never liked the current crop of provisioning tools (for bare metal). Tried to write down a design of what I think I actually need: contains two scripts that are basically it, using 'blah-origin' as the repo with the content to be provisioned. Gonna start writing some code

Need a better name to create another repo to start some coding

@miek I like your thoughts. I think you’re right about something missing in this space: canaries and rollbacks. Having tried my hands at Puppet and Chef, I really loathe client-side processing where what is doing the processing needs bootstrapping with Ruby gems and similar. A simple statically-linked client-controller binary with limited/zero plugin capability would be :chef kiss:.

@miek In all seriousness: if you want someone to collaborate with or review anything, I am game.

I made a lot of mistakes with home-brew configuration management tooling earlier in my career. I’d hope I’d be a little wiser today. ;)

@matt yes, appreciate you helping. Already thought of an issue. /etc/passwd needs to symlink to a directory, otherwise I can bind mount something under it. Will do some experiments and push some docs (maaaaybe code) to GitHub

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