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Repost from @beatrice - this picture doesn’t look real to me. It looks like an artist’s rendition of future #space travel. But it is real, a screen cap from the #NASA live feed of #Artemis passing the #moon - incredible.

Made a tiny DNS server that serves the IP addresses of Docker containers, to point a Tailscale Split DNS entry to.

Along with a Tailscale subnet, it lets me reach any container from any Tailscale device as

It's a CoreDNS plugin, which was fun enough to use.

It isn’t the hills.
It isn’t the wind or weather.
It isn’t the size, or legal powers, or budget.
It isn’t any of the usual excuses people in your city have been using for years.

Remember this picture every time you hear someone in your city say "we're not Amsterdam." This was #Amsterdam in the 1970's via @fietsprofessor.

The cities we admire made better choices regarding cars, and are still making them today.

Better choices instead of excuses.
#Dutch #cities #urbanism #transportation

@miek check out Yamale from 23andme which does schema validation as well. Super useful library and command line binary too!

LSP language server for writing Grafana (yaml) dashboards...

grafana.INI, provisioning.YAML, dashboard.JSON

Surely grafana also uses TOML somewhere??

hmmm. "I just want a line number"

Would have better liked it if I could just add a yaml.Node to my struct and it would be filled out

Tis weer die tijd van het jaar, LibreOffice gebruiken om gedicht te maken

This week, LastPass, and its parent company GoTo, both published blog posts about their recent data breach:

But if you search for GoTo's blog post in Google, you won't find it, because GoTo hid its breach notice from search engines using "noindex" code.

Anyone know how performant nftables is? I.e. firewalling on a 10gb interface is that doable or madness?

Think tailscale, a (slightly) custom OS image, and gitopper (or something like it) is all you need for 100% gitops without k8s

grafana provisioning is a chore...
Inclined to do a rm grafana.db; systemctl restart grafana-server when ever there are new dashboards

Hugely enjoyed this blog post from the European Central Bank on Bitcoin. Basically, the ECB is absolutely Not Here for Bitcoin's bullshit. Absolutely delicious stuff.

In case you were wondering why hachyderm is so massively snappy now. We...

Dropped NFS.

That's it.

Honestly at this point I would recommend that the mastodon documentation drop all mention of NFS entirely; there's _way_ too many gotchas about it that are *not* covered anywhere

"...There is a mass exodus underway from Twitter and Facebook.... Zuckerberg got worried about losing users and decided we were all going to live as legless low-polygon cartoons in a metaverse that no one wanted... Twitter got bought out by a low-attention-span, overconfident billionaire...

Once things got just a little worse, advertisers and users started to quit, and the long-delayed MySpacing of Facebook and Beboizing of Twitter began."

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