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If you're into games, then hit me up. I wanna talk tabletops but this TL is pretty DENSE.

I guess I'm gonna need AT LEAST someone from following me if I want any serious engagement πŸ€”

Splash page for the Character Creation chapter (which this account's avatar is from)

🎨 Wadim Kashin

Hmmm, I don't seem to be getting an email from about registering. Any chance you could lend me a hand?

And here's an post: I'm Nathan Quill, my pen name for the , set in 15th century low fantasy England. I developed it for 10 years before it was finally ready to be published in June of this year.

Might make a account too! Thoughts?

Hello Mastodon! πŸ‘‹ Twitter's not a great place to get traction for your project so I've made an account here.

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