I don't really understand the community's seeming obsession with POD. I've played out of PDFs all my life and IMO they're far superior to physical books. It seems like it's about collecting systems, rather than playing them.

Even when I played physical games with an IRL group, we just brought laptops and played with maptool. Especially as an indie RPG dev, it kinda feels like those people don't understand the work that goes into making a POD-ready book compared to a digital one.

I've updated the PDF several times to fix things, and just a few weeks ago I put out a new version that added saddlebags and horse packs since I felt they were conspicuously missing, It really helps ease the anxiety of publishing when you can update it easily. As soon as I put out a POD, that's all gone. It's set in stone.

@middenarde I find it a bit tiring on the eyes to read PDFs constantly, so I'll often print out chunks of a book when planning a campaign at least. I guess also sometimes I want to be flicking between two sections of a rulebook and a bookmark is more intuitive than trying to remember where to move the scrollbar to or what the page no was? Definitely see & agree with your point about better flexibility & update ease with 'living' PDF rulebooks though, that's a big advantage of the PDF form :)

@ExilianOfficial Understandable! I just don't get why a lot of reviewers flat-out refuse to review PDFs. Are they not "real" tabletop games if they don't have a print edition? Does a PDF here and a PDF there in your reviews add up to reading them constantly if you allow them?

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