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Middenarde is now updated with some changes to skills! The Acrobatics and Scaling skills have been rolled into one, and Fortitude has been split into Fortitude and Strength. Buy it here:

I am just realizing that since re-embedding the fonts in the PDF so you can copy and paste text from it properly, the normal font no longer appears in DTRPG's quick preview. So hilariously, looking at the quick preview lets you feast your eyes on 113 largely blank pages. At least the full-size preview still works; I'll have to email the DTRPG folks about that.

Take more damage, carry more, push more, pass a bunch of different checks more easily, heal more from sleeping, etc., etc... it's probably too good a deal compared to what you get from other skills!

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Thinking of rolling the Scaling and Acrobatics skills into one and adding a Strength skill to fill out the Fitness category, since Fortitude is a passive skill and IMO does way too much for you at the moment.

Middenarde is the Deal of the Day today on DriveThru RPG! Pick it up for 40% off today only!

I really appreciate when characters see enough combat that their weapons are actually in danger of breaking. That's gratifying as heck.

Splash page for the Playing the Game chapter

🎨 Wadim Kashin

I've updated the PDF several times to fix things, and just a few weeks ago I put out a new version that added saddlebags and horse packs since I felt they were conspicuously missing, It really helps ease the anxiety of publishing when you can update it easily. As soon as I put out a POD, that's all gone. It's set in stone.

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Even when I played physical games with an IRL group, we just brought laptops and played with maptool. Especially as an indie RPG dev, it kinda feels like those people don't understand the work that goes into making a POD-ready book compared to a digital one.

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I don't really understand the community's seeming obsession with POD. I've played out of PDFs all my life and IMO they're far superior to physical books. It seems like it's about collecting systems, rather than playing them.

Splash page for the Character Creation chapter (which this account's avatar is from)

🎨 Wadim Kashin

The best kind of campaign to GM is one where you just throw something at your players and then sit back and relax as they argue and roleplay about it :blobuwu:

Watching your players plan out their characters' backstories and NPC relatives and ties to their village knowing it's going to get raided and razed as part of the campaign hook :blobpopcorn:

GMs: Remember to take time to relax, hosting games is very stressful and intensive. You gotta be in the right headspace to give your players a good time.

Prepping for sessions is :blobsweats:

I really need to join some campaigns as a player because I'm getting direly burnt out on GMing

There, followed a whole bunch of tabletop people. That ought to help 👏

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