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I (co-)curated an exhibition for the first tike this year. I loved the research, and came to like writing (and editing) captions. I literally jumped up and down with joy when I saw some objects in person for the first time, but the best bit was still probably hearing old ballads from the British Library's collections sung by folk singers at the exhibition opening.

Check them out!

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Hey, if you want to be "verified" on the fediverse as being _actually you_, you don't need some third party to verify you or to check some list.

Got a domain you own, that's obvs you?

Paste `<a rel="me" href="https://your.server/@your_username">Mastodon</a>`into the html on that domain, add that domain to your profile links, bam, verified at least as comprehensively as a lot of folks on birdsite.

If this seems hard, I will help you! You can verify yourself, promise!

(boosts for reach a-ok)

You can watch a video where Pim Huijnen, co-author, presents ‘Something Happened to the Future: Reconstructing Temporalities in Dutch Parliamentary Debate, 1814–2018’, the winning entry of the 2022 Richard Deswarte Prize in Digital History

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@mia I've increasingly been moving towards a kind of "pedagogy of care" in the classroom, with soft deadlines and ungrading. It's been transformative for my approach to teaching. My students even seem to put more effort into the work.

I wrote about it here:

I'll start... we got a dog! She's adorable but added a lot of chaos (and mess) to our lives, and added the occasional squeaky toy noise sound effect to calls

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Hello folks! Shall we try making things a bit more conversational? Tell me something you've loved about this year - big or small, something you achieved or just something nice

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Tip 1: Use hashtags. There's no algorithm to suggest followers or shove posts into your feed in the hopes you follow someone.

Tip 2: Boost (re-post) toots liberally. *You* are the algorithm.

Tip 3: Use CW (content warnings / content wrappers) to discuss politics, the meta.

Tip 4: To create "threads", make the first post public and each reply "unlisted" to prevent clogging up your instance's feed.

Tip 5: Provide text descriptions, even just basic ones, when attaching photos or media.

Tip 6: Use the "report" features for moderating trolls so your admins can take action.

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#feditips Mastodon doesn't have DMs. Don't tell people that it has, because it is conceptually confusing. DM triggers the idea of a private chat separate from the timelines. Again, Mastodon doesn't have that.

Mastodon has visibility options. If you choose “Mentioned people only”, and add the handle of a person you are complaining about, then they will be able to read your complaint because you are mentioning that person!

So again. No DMs. Just visibility options. This ain't Twitter.

For GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) and digital humanities folk interested in AI,machine learning, data science applications, some of these talks might be of interest

Ok, so in this client / server combination, at least, it literally does delete and repost, so it's out of the timeline it was originally in c October 28. Today I learned!

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It feels weird to post twitter-like links and whatnot here, so here are some photos from a walk instead

(experimenting with editing / deleting and redrafting so I can add alt text - will it appear as a new post or an edited post on the same date?)

folk, on Tuesday Nov 8th at 5:30 GM the IHR Digital History seminar is hosting the first Deswarte Prize Seminar: Pim Huijnen on ‘Something Happened to the Future’

It's online (register in advance for the link) or in-person at Senate House in London. It's also a lovely chance to celebrate Richard Deswarte's life and work. He's still very much missed by so many.

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Sick of seeing notifications and don't know how to mark as 'read' - here's where you go!

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Help me find more #BIPoC Accounts, for me, for you, for everyone on #Mastodon

If you're #black #indigenous or #peopleofcolor feel free to comment, if you like you can comment who you are and/or what you do, so other people can follow you more easily

I will report everyone who dares to comment something hateful or attacks anyone here

Please boost :blobfoxheartcute: :boost_ok:

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ok here's my one-week Mastodon advice to people coming in the #TwitterMigration: it's harder to read threads here, AND you can edit posts [ETA: on some interfaces.. web lets you edit. apps may be "delete & redraft"].

So if you are replying to your own post, thread-style, to say "oh meant to hashtag" "oh the #AltText is"... just edit the post.


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I just changed my settings to advanced view and set up a column where I can see a timeline of pinned hashtags. Sharing this just in case other folks, like me, didn't know that was possible.

I'm not a librarian but I work in a (quite big) as a digital curator.

I've been a 'cultural heritage technologist' in for years, with enough time in the commercial sector to know it's not for me. I moved into via a MSc in Human-Computer Interaction then did a PhD in / with a side in /

Originally from I've worked in Amsterdam and Turkey (Çatalhöyük) and live in .

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Okay #DigitalHumanities #TwitterMigration folks: I haven't yet seen a list where people can add themselves to find one another, so I made one. Add your info if you'd like:

And you can see the list at

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