Okay Mastodon-o-verse, I'm pretty sick of my host instance (mastodon.cloud) not being supported by any of the good Android apps.

What's the best instance to move my account to and how do I move it?

@mhall119 Data export --> download | create new account on better instance | Data import <-- from download

@juh Will that mean that people who follow me now will continue to follow me after I move?

@mhall119 I fear not. Onkyo If people automatically follow back.

@mhall119 The best instance would be a coop instance run by a community not by an individual. But there are a lot of good instances run by individuals out there.

@juh thought about that too. Are there instances run by a foundation (or German e. V.)?

@fab_ian None that I know of. We at Hostsharing eG are discussing whether to setup an instance. The instance may come in the next three months but I don't know if it will be open to non members.

@mhall119 Tusky started working on mastodon.cloud when my phone got Android 8.

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