Hey Mastodons, I hear you like open source and federation, so I'd like to tell you about gettogether.community/ an open source, federated(*) event planning service similar to Meetup

It's free to use, and while it's still very early development it is live! Try it yourself, share it with your friends, start a team ahd have a Get Together!

* Federation is simple and minimal, any help would be most welcomed. Source code is at github.com/GetTogetherComm/Get mastodon.cloud/media/cPwAJ8QWw

@mhall119 It's a cool idea but also looks like it needs a LOT more basic development before release into the wild. Keep us posted as it comes together though! The more it can be integrated to Mastodon, the better.

@mhall119 I suggest using ActivityPub for federation. There's no other platform that has implemented events/places in AP yet but it doesn't mean they won't appear, and other apps like Mastodon could add support or semi-support for displaying the data (like how PeerTube/Mastodon integration works).

@mhall119 ooh I have really been wanting something like that. At the least it would be better for @reasdoinaheckinmeetup than the current rinkydink approach, and I’d love to get out from under Meetup’s thumb on some of my own groups.

@mhall119 I just tried creating a group and got a Python stack trace due to "missing country code." But there were no countries available to put into the (presumably) country code dropdown.

@mhall119 I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot signup


Very interesting. I just registerred a #gettogether account. (First tried with Chrome for Android, but failed with a looong db debugging error message. Then registered successfully with #Vivaldibrowser on the #Linux laptop.)

Will schedule a #MOMOCzone event tomorrow, perhaps even with www.gettogether.community as Meetup.com competitor among the main topics :-)


@LeeteqXV Feedback is welcome, any features you want to see added please file an Issue on GitHub for me: github.com/GetTogetherComm/Get

@LeeteqXV Was the debug error on login or when creating a team?


It happened when trying to create the team initially. Aborted and registered on the laptop instead.

@LeeteqXV Ah, ok, that's been fixed. It'll now warn you if you submit without a city selected and send you back to the form, rather than crashing :)


Right. I actually had no cities to choose from in that dropdown menu, and did not notice/see the manual fill-in city field beside or under it before I switched to the computer/larger screen, so I submitted the form without a city when it crashed.

@mhall119 too sad... I can not create my team based in Switzerland, after typing the country... the city list is empty and I can't proceed further 😟
Any Idea?

@mhall119 nevermind! I did not understand I could directly type the city name here... all good now :)

Thanks for sharing, this is awesome.

@alois No worries, those fields aren't exactly intuitive. I was hoping to find a pre-made Javascript widget that did the search & select in one, but haven't found one yet.

@mhall119 Why Google services? Matomo would be a way better choice regarding users privacy here matomo.org/

@thibaultamartin Only because Google Analytics is what I knew and it worked for what I needed. I'm open to alternatives if they work well enough and somebody will step up to implement them.

BTW, I don't use this account anymore, follow me at @mhall119@fosstodon.org and @GetTogetherComm

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