What's the best Android app for Mastodon? I'm using TootyFruity and it has potential, but still feels very 0.1

@mhall119 tusky seems to be the common one. I'm using that for now until I finda better one.

@bashfulrobot I tried it, doesn't work with mastodon.cloud instance though

@mhall119 oops, meant to say, my exact setup. hmmm. trying to remember if I did anything special. what happens?

@mhall119 alright, taking one for the team, logging out. ha ha.

@mhall119 I logged out and in without issue. so I am just curious as to what you are seeing.

@bashfulrobot what version of android do you have? It appears to be specific to 7.0

@mhall119 7.1.1. that would explain it then. Sorry I was not more help.

@mhall119 I use it and I am on Mastodon.cloud ... it is great

@ebrulato Really? It wouldn't even take me to the login screen, says "This app could not obtain authentication from the server instance". Play Store reviews show many other mastodon.cloud users having the same problem

@mhall119 I can't explain it, I use tusky with Mastodon.cloud and with a nexus 5x Android v7.1.2. and it is great. I had no issue in the subscription processus, I made it twice, as it is not possible to update your id 🤔

@ebrulato I think it's fixed in 7.1.x, but sadly Samsung still has me at 7.0

@mhall119 I'm sorry for you, I hope it will soon be fixed.

@ebrulato It seems the solution is to either get the Android 7.1 upgrade, or wait for mastodon.cloud to change their SSL configs to support a compatible cipher

@ebrulato @mhall119 Looking forward to trying it on fdroid at some point hopefully. No Google services for me so hopefully something pops up on fdroid soon.

@masoud Unfortunately there's a weird SSL bug in Android 7.0 (not earlier or later versions though) that prevents Tusky from working with mastodon.cloud

@mhall119 Mastodon itself also feels in its early stages, I would be surprised to find any client that feels more complete. I am using Amaroq.

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