Woohoo, got @mastodon working in , goodbye browser tab

@mhall119 @mastodon What is this trickery. Was usign Franz and requested Mastodon, but....

@bashfulrobot @mastodon Rambox lets you add a "Custom service" down at the bottom of the list of services, just give it the URL of your host instance and away you go

@mhall119 This thing is wicked good compared to franz. Support pushbullet (which I use) - here come script notifications too! hugs too!

@mhall119 Just migrated all. Work email too (lame 365). sooo good.

@mhall119 Just learned about Rambox thanks to your toot. Thanks!

@codydh It's awesome, I have Rocket.Chat, Tweetdeck, multiple Slack channels, Gitter, Hangouts and now Mastodon all in one window and not cluttering my browser

@mhall119 What platform are you using it on? Regardless, I assume that it also will act as a 'container' of sorts so I can be signed in to those apps via Rambox, but not have those cookies/persistence in my browser (Safari).

@codydh I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 desktop, and yeah it's basically a tabbed webapp container

@mastodon @mhall119 I don't know what is Link please! And please excuse my ignorance JE!

@kbyte @mastodon rambox.pro/ and @Wimpress@hostux.social is working on a desktop Snap of it too

@mhall119 @mastodon is it "officially supported" or did you add it as a custom service?

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