First impression: Are we really calling these "toots"? Really?

@aldoushux I feel like this has a 50/50 chance of devolving into a giant, federated, decentralized fart joke

@mhall119 @aldoushux - yeah, hard to tell. There is an influx of OSS people. The interactions (thus far) are wayyyy more personal than on twitter. But that is because it is small right now. But I like that aspect. But doesn't mean it is here to stay. Few people claiming that it is a viable replacement to g+ if that takes a dirt nap.

@bashfulrobot @aldoushux I wonder what's to stop trolls from standing up their own instance and flooding the network with hate bots

@mhall119 @aldoushux - Right now, nothing (that I can see). But we could do something about it in theory. We all have unlimited time, right? ha.

@bashfulrobot @mhall119 @aldoushux I think the only real thing that would stop it is at the instance level disabling federation with that spammy instance

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