Ok, confession: I forgot that Mastodon existed for like a week and a half. Sorry guys. Someone catch me up on what I missed.

@mhall119 mostly just... actually it's a mixed thing. a lot of different stuff which is nice as it hasn't yet set to a rythm being so new

@mhall119 Did you hear about the loli blockage of pawoo.net (since I think mostly revoked)?

Or about the instance in Japan that hardcoded its number of users to be 1000000+, and screwed up all the user statistics for a bit?

Fun times.

@mhall119 I am going down quite the opposite path. Neglecting Google+ and even Twitter to some extent, just reading what the phone push notifies over as most read stories (and half of those are posted here already!).

@mhall119 the japanese arrived and pixiv set up their own instance, amongst other things

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