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Does anybody know of a Mastodon API for websites that lets me add a "Toot" button? Something like this from Twitter: dev.twitter.com/web/tweet-butt

Adding a place for your is even easier now, just click on the location in the map and it'll fill in the location information for you!

Plan your next event for free on GetTogether.Community

There are 20 teams already using
Find one near you, or start your own!


Hey Mastodons, I hear you like open source and federation, so I'd like to tell you about gettogether.community/ an open source, federated(*) event planning service similar to Meetup

It's free to use, and while it's still very early development it is live! Try it yourself, share it with your friends, start a team ahd have a Get Together!

* Federation is simple and minimal, any help would be most welcomed. Source code is at github.com/GetTogetherComm/Get mastodon.cloud/media/cPwAJ8QWw

Hey Mastadons (tooters?), I don't like the node I signed up on, it has ssl issues with the nicer Android client, how do I switch to using another node?

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Endless OS is a Linux-based operating system which provides a simplified and streamlined user experience. Simple as a smartphone: "the operating system that comes with everything your family needs." --> endlessos.com/ #Linux #EndlessOS #Debian #desktop #mobile #simple #streamlined

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Ok, confession: I forgot that Mastodon existed for like a week and a half. Sorry guys. Someone catch me up on what I missed.

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For those of you who are young: trust me, middle age is amazing!
You are basically more mellow, things don't shock you as much and you can let shit go easier.

What's the best Android app for Mastodon? I'm using TootyFruity and it has potential, but still feels very 0.1

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@Gargron - as the dev of Mastodon, and plans to package as a snap? Meet @mhall119 of Canonical. It is always far better if the dev himself packages (knowledge of the bug fixes, security, etc.). Probably lots of help from the community to get you there. Would make an install on Ubuntu a snap. No pun intended. Lowers the barrier to entry for those not comfortable with Docker. Nudge nudge.You know you want to.

Woohoo, got @mastodon working in , goodbye browser tab

If anyone wants to help us make an easy to install Snap package of Mastodon, we could use some ruby/nodejs experts github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Second impression: 500 characters?! I'm rich!

First impression: Are we really calling these "toots"? Really?

Alright, let's see what this Mastodon thing is all about