Please boost to help me find more geographers, I can't possibly be the only one in tootland.


@xlenc I study linguistics and geography!!(like how natural environments influence the development of languages)

@mhaighday That's is such an interesting field and something I know very little about! Following.

@xlenc language development has a tremendous amount to do with climate and terrain and what works and what doesn’t (obviously not anymore i guess) but some cool facts are that tonal languages are mostly found in the tropics because those are the areas thought to have enough humidity to support fully lubricated vocal cords for their development

@xlenc meanwhile, languages that form high on mountains or close to the poles tend to have ejectives (p,t,k without breathing) and shorter/less complicated vowels because of the necessity to conserve heat while speaking

@mhaighday That is really interesting! How do you handle causation/correlation problems? In my hemisphere if the discipline environmental determinism is very taboo but there is always an open question of how we should model the impact of landscapes on human behavior.

@xlenc unfortunately it’s very hard to test correlation/causation because bc language creation isn’t really reproducible in a truly scientific way, and there tends to be much more layers of complexity, such as cycling, that make things hard to determine exactly. however, i absolutely believe that language arises from and adapts to the environment bc there is so much evidence that, even without proven correlation/causation, it’s hard to refute.

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