I popped over to tumblr just for kicks and holy CRAP it is dead over there you guys, it's hilarious.*

*and also depressing.

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I kind of want to write a blog post about how #translation and #localisation of pop culture in the West was completely transformed by the internet and amateur translators.

Hard to remember now the days when Japanese stories would get redrawn in western style so that they wouldn't seem too foreign, or when Fred Flintstone became Pedro Picapiedra in Mexico.

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Can we all take a moment to talk about Jarl Balgruuf's sheer incompetence?

There are three bandit camps within a few minutes' walk of the city: one in a big old nordic ruin, one in a big obvious stockade, and one in an OPEN CAVE UNDER THE JARL'S VERY CASTLE. The have a combined population that is very possibly larger than the city of Whiterun itself.

What the fuck, guy.

#Skyrim #BrokenSuspensionOfDisbelief

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Hey! Would you like your small game to be translated into French? I'm available for work!

Recent work includes Friary Road for @humblegrove (humblegrove.itch.io/friary-roa ) and most publications on medium.com/@adrielbeaver

Hit me up! #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #translation

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I get so excited whenever Mato makes another entry on the #FinalFantasy VI #translation comparison. It's like a shiny new gift every week. He's so full of insights on translation nuance. As an amateur translator, I relate a lot to his observations on translation and localisation.


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This is also interesting from the article.

"Facebook has not fully disclosed the manner in which it pre-processes photos on the iOS camera roll, meaning if a user has any Facebook app installed on their iPhone, then Facebook accesses and analyses the photos the user takes and/or stores on the iPhone, the complainant alleges."

Sounds like FB is in some way processing camera roll images to extract data (location, time, maybe even contents) even when sync is switched off

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‘Facebook, Google face first GDPR complaints over ‘forced consent’’

“Schrems argues that the companies are using a strategy of “forced consent” to continue processing the individuals’ personal data — when in fact the law requires that users be given a free choice unless a consent is strictly necessary for provision of the service.”


Also on our radar: forum.ind.ie/t/facebook-google

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Some good news: exit polls indicate Ireland 🇮🇪 has overwhelmingly voted to overturn their abortion ban, in place since 1983. A huge victory for women's rights. irishtimes.com/news/politics/i

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My privacy policy is that I will forget who you are and everything about you if you change your avatar

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Hey #mastospinners :)

Remember the idea to have a Mastodon team for the #tourdefleece? Well, we are doing it. So if you like spinning and sharing spinning pictures with each other and have 3 weeks of spinning fun, come have a look at this thread on ravelry ravelry.com/discuss/mastodon-k

Say hi and join us :yay:

#fiberarts #fibrearts #handspinning #tdf18

okay, i am eating this fish and this potato for dinner. ... uh, you know, person of uncertain relationship to gender... also because i'm an adult. and because popcorn does not (well, should not) constitute "dinner."

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They've got the #bisexual pride flag AND the #intersex flag! <3
RT @[email protected] Usually our flags #OnTheForecourt welcome international visitors, but today we're flying the #LGBTI flags for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism & Transphobia (#IDAHOBIT) – the first time the intersex flag has been flown by a national parliament.
🐦🔗: twitter.com/NZParliament/statu

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the year is 3030. the united states of the milky way's congress has decided to extend the copyright length by another 50 years. mickey mouse isn't public domain yet

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You probably want to check out the following hash tags


It's a great way to discover people doing cool things and ways to support them.

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Just to be clear about what's happening in #korea right now:
#japan wants peace
#china wants peace
Both Koreas want it also
But #trump and US oligarchy want weapon sales. SK+JP massive clients. So Bolton+Trump an obstruction to peace.
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