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Tell it to @realDonaldTrump "Patriots Wear Face Masks"? Remind him that obeying the SWORE to as a CONDITION of office is "Patriotic"Defying dictates of SWAMP BUREAUCRAT DICTATORSlike /#Birx is Patriotic#MasksOffAmerica Fewjo: I am 48 years old. That means I have lived through 48 flu seasons.Without a mask.Without a flu jab.Without sanitiser. I have had flu once, numerous coughs, colds, sickness, sore throats etc.These things have made my body ..

Privacy and What I Learned by Self Hosting a Server - FEATURE: What I Learned by Self Hosting a Server - key learnings on installation, set up, execution #linux #privacy #selfhosting

Hydroxychloroquine and Coronavirus ... Information I GUARANTEE You've Never Heard | Zero Hedge | Zero Hedge

Trump Campaign Encourages Supporters to Wear Masks: 'We Have Nothing to Lose'

Nothing to lose but our freedom and self respect and sanity.

Unconstitutional - Steven Bognar on Twitter: "BREAKING: NYC setting up checkpoints at entry points to the city - including bridges and tunnels to limit the spread of from out-of-state travelers" / Twitter

Brit Hume on Twitter: "If the Pulitzer prizes were not so corrupted by politics, one would certainly be awarded to @AlexBerenson for his superb against-the-grain reporting on Covid 19 and the folly of the lockdowns used to fight it." / Twitter

James White on Twitter: "So now the left is starting the "let's not do Presidential debates" move---as predicted months ago. Necessary, obviously, since Biden is non compos mentis. 2020 continues to amaze, doesn't it?" / Twitter

Joe Biden is desperately trying to get Christians to vote for him but he doesn't even understand the Biblical commandment "Thou shalt not kill." #Biden

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EdisonWannabe on Twitter: "@RMConservative A good analogy for atomized viruses, is pollen in the air. Unlike droplets, which fall to the ground, atomized viruses and pollen floats in a cloud in the air. Surgical masks, have little if any protection from atomized viruses or pollen. No protection from Hay Fever or viruses." / Twitter

juliasugarbaker2.0 on Twitter: "@JesseKellyDC These funerals make me so damn mad. My father in law, retired US Navy, could only have 10 people at a graveside service, and the head count included the preacher and funeral home staff. He couldn't have an honor guard. And at that time there were NO virus cases in our county." / Twitter

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