Back in the Google+ days, I followed Noah Friedman, and I enjoyed his horological posts. I know nothing about this hobby, I just liked the pictures.

Bartosz Ciechanowski has a gorgeous web page explaining the inner workings of the mechanical watch, a few parts at a time.

Actually a dozen more. I forgot two spacers in my count. ☺

13 total parts to machine. I guess I'm lucky!

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This is the first part I've made for my keyway cutter. Ten left. This will take a while.

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I've never before bored a hole this long with such a high aspect ratio through steel; ⅝" almost 5" long.

First try, I broke about an inch off the end of my pilot drill right in the middle and after a lot of work failed to rescue.

Second try, I used a larger 3/16" 6" aircraft drill as a pilot, but it wandered. I ended up using a 2-flute ⅜" end mill in both ends for alignment and drilling through, which got me close enough for final drill and ream.

I forgot to chamfer before starting my final reaming operation on this part.

Now I know why to chamfer before reaming. This chatter is intense, and it's definitely just as bad as it looks.


Fortunately, I can start over from the other end and these chatter marks will, I think, eventually do me no harm.

I guess it's just click the mouse a bunch of times after typing the PrintScreen key. It's a lot of extra mousing around for something that used to be really easy. I wish that the old keybindings were still honored, even though the new experience is probably a lot more discoverable for others.

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Oh no, after updating to Fedora 36 with GNOME 42 my keybindings for screenshotting an area of the screen no longer work.

What's the new magic keybindings for "start selecting an area of the screen for a screenshot to the clipboard"? I used that *all the time.*

When I bought my big lathe, I didn't get rid of my mini lathe.

I have work currently set up in the big lathe, my bike's front brake broke, and the bike stores were all closed.

Quick chucked some AL in the mini lathe, turned a new Bowden ferrule, and I'm back in business!

Not the first time I've used the mini lathe to avoid breaking down a setup on the big lathe, either!

I'll claim substantial credit for this one, five and a half years after I left. SAS's Viya was my idea, as was the idea that Python should be a first class language for using it. The idea that you should have to learn a weird variant of PL/I to use sophisticated analytical software has been doomed since before my stint at SAS, but that view wasn't very popular with Dr. Goodnight. ☺

I am informed by multiple generally reliable sources that I just asked whether the contents of the baking dish on the counter was onion bars.


I walk into the kitchen and hear one of my kids quoting Shelley.

Me: Hi Ozymandias, King of Kings!
Kid: What do you think of the works?
Me: I have seen them, and I despair.
Kid: Another happy customer!

Donald E. Knuth did it!

"The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 5" is out!

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

A sad thing, though, is that Prasimix reports on the eevblog forum that Crowd Supply isn't getting lots of traction. It's sad that a site that last I heard had _never_ failed to ship a successfully backed product would have trouble promoting their campaigns.

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Open source hardware. And firmware. And software. I'm 🤞 on the Envox BB3 launch. I like my H24005 and want the upgrade. Prasimix has done great.

All of this is open source:

He's not holding back designs until after a successful campaign, either. It's all on github:

Bunnie said on twitter:
>'s a rare case of an open source product that's unequivocally better and cheaper than the pro alts.

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