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I am also — microblogging for makers. I haven't yet redirected my account, but I'm mostly posting there.

I am also — microblogging for makers. I haven't yet redirected my account, but I'm mostly posting there.

I play wordle; my wife also plays many of the offshoot games. As we waited for our takeout to be ready, I asked, "Want to play one of your weirdles?"

We now have a general family name for these games, and I'm newly familiar with — in which I get lots of archaic words before noticing many of the words in current use.

I went looking this morning and discovered that you can buy a kit which *replaces* a stepper driver and turns a normal stepper motor drawing up to 3A into a closed-loop stepper, for less than $20. That's a pretty low incremental cost for going closed loop!

Why does exist? Why have both Discourse and Mastodon at Maker Forums? Do you want to join us?

I've been working on a design for a keyway cutting tool for my lathe, based on a morse taper 3 quick-change tool holder. I finally learned that I can make hidden line animations in FreeCAD that make the inside workings clearer, so here's one to enjoy. ☺

I turned my notes about how I set up Mastodon on CentOS 9 derivatives with Docker into something I hope is useful for others.

It would be really awesome to be able to follow `` and see new posts (with threaded comments) from the forum throughout the fediverse. It wouldn't have to be bidirectional to be useful.

Anyone want to write a plugin for Discourse to enable that? It's mostly back-end work, and there are patterns between the RSS and chat integrations in Discourse that might make this a reasonable project for someone who doesn't know Ruby but is interested to learn.

It was interesting getting Mastodon up and running on AlmaLinux 9.

The CentOS 9 derivatives boot amazingly fast. At least half of my boot time to shell is waiting for grub! That's awesome for reducing the overhead of maintenance.

I ended up using Docker, which probably makes it take a few seconds longer to boot than if I just ran it all from source, but means I can manage all the services separately. It definitely makes tootctl take longer to run.

It's interesting having two (for the moment) Mastodon accounts running. i have been at for a few years, and now also am at @mcdanlj — which means that I get to see how well notifications flow around the fediverse, at least between those two accounts.

I'll *probably* end up redirecting my account at to the one at since I run that one. But I'm new to this running Mastodon thing! ☺

Collecting parts and having fabricate some parts to see if I can replicate what Russ Sadler did to his K40. But section by section instead of all at once.

When Google+ went away, I got permission from a bunch of community moderators to preserve community content on including the wonderful #3dprinting community there. Occasionally folks find their old posts that I preserved for everyone's benefit, and it's always a pleasure when someone like @foosel shows up and enjoys a trip down memory lane.

But it's more than memory lane! We have several fairly active communities there and new folks keep showing up and joining us. 🎉

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Just discovered that certbot isn't in EPEL9. Hadn't occurred to me that it might not be there yet. I guess I'm on the bleeding edge. ☺

Next I discovered that wants me to install snapd so that I can run it from a snap.

Fortunately, pip worked. 😅

This morning's project — on lathes, most of like self-centering chucks, so why not self-centering spiders outboard too?

Glad this got indexed. Didn't realize that the filesystem I had development images on was low on space until I searched to find why libvirt VMs might pause without requesting to be paused...

I can't find documentation on how to configure Mastodon to process bounced emails, so that when people's email accounts go away it quits trying to send them updates.

I'm used to setting up incoming email for Discourse so that it will handle bounces and avoid tanking reputation, and I would want to assume it's in there somewhere for Mastodon.

I found `SMTP_RETURN_PATH` but not actual bounce processing.

Is it actually just not there?

Build process ended up with a compilation failure with red "That failed! Maybe you need swap space?" (no, I have 1.1G free) followed immediately by "All done! ..."

So I think that's a failure running from source and I'll turn next to Docker since it looks like folks have had trouble trying it with Podman and Docker supports cgroups v2 now.

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Trying this from source on Fedora 36 is not giving me confidence that it's not going to break in an inconvenient and subtle way in the future. E.g. it wants ruby 3.0.3 (built with rbenv) which requires that I replace openssl-devel with openssl1.1-devel because that ruby version can't use modern openssl. The instructions clearly assume a Debian-based OS in any case.

I'm fairly certain that I'll use Docker, probably on CentOS Stream 9 or AlmaLinux 9, in order to stay close to the beaten path.

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OK, it looks like I'm going to try running Mastodon. I want to do this on either Fedora or AlmaLinux 9, I think.

I was starting to look at running from source, but it's not clear that all the deps are available, so that might mean using podman.

Since the docs say Debian, Ubuntu, or Docker, I'd definitely be coloring outside the lines.

Has anyone else played with this?

Or should I just install Docker on AlmaLinux because now Docker supports cgroups v2?

Back in the Google+ days, I followed Noah Friedman, and I enjoyed his horological posts. I know nothing about this hobby, I just liked the pictures.

Bartosz Ciechanowski has a gorgeous web page explaining the inner workings of the mechanical watch, a few parts at a time.

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