Hey @charliejane, you were an answer in this Wednesday's LA Times / WaPo crossword!

The scotch tastes a little like paint thinner but the soda water is A-OK

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Monday evening! Laglugglebluggle (or something) eighteen dollar trader joes scotch, with proper soda back

Error: Your password must contain at least two characters who talk to each other about something other than a man.

This Thursday, January 26th, come #HangoutAndNerdout with @ishotjr and our lovely friends @alexglow and Jinger Zeng from #Hackster as we nerd out about #music with #synth maven @stargirl, #OpenSource music gadget #hacker Erik Oostveen, and #nerdcore #hiphop #rapper MC Frontalot! 🤘🎼🤘


(Also, looks like they dropped the min level to 35 at the moment, wheeeeee)

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A lil phone game that I'm still playing compulsively. Join my guild (lvl45+).

Trying to think of neighborhoods that must exist in many cities, but when you mention one, you're definitely talking about a specific city. Like the Upper West Side, or the French Quarter.

Am I going to try to sleep over and they keep the extra pillows out in the car

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Am I going to go to the bathroom and the toilet paper is like hidden in a weird cabinet or something

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Is your WiFi password on the fridge? I hope so.

If I walk into someone's place and ask for the WiFi, and they don't say "it's on the fridge," I get concerned about all the standards and practices around there

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