Anyway, coming back here after two weeks and I see that it's still all Japanese toots and green checkmarks in names :)

Why it is "castle" and "table", but then "label"?

I'd also want to see website links on profiles, optional public email addresses, location info, etc. Just a name, avatar and bio isn't really enough. I want to link to my website, to my Twitter.

Maybe a good idea to let people fill in their primary language on their profile, and filter the timelines based on that?

That's a lot of Japanese in the local timeline :mask:

My girlfriend said I needed to add t-shirts to my list of interests. I do have quite the collection :sweat_smile:

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My : gadgets, front end development (web and mobile), games, movies, tv shows, photography. Talk to me!

I wish I could send my Stellaris save file to some experienced player / youtuber, and have them explain why I am unable to beat my neighbor. I must be doing something wrong :(

Damn, a lot of porn in the local timeline eh? I know it's hidden but still...

Not sure about Mastodon, the whole idea of instances is complicated for new members

Of course I also miss the people I met, the ocean and the view on my way to work. The waterfalls and hot tubs. Black beaches and mountains. That soup though..! :grin:

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I lived in Iceland for 4 years, and you know what I miss the most, now that I am back in Groningen? Good noodle soup. If you're ever in Reykjavik, go visit Noodle Station!

Are there any worthy iOS apps for Mastodon yet? That integrate into the sharing sheet and stuff? Or is this a hole in the market, for me to fill? :)

Mashable: The coder who built Mastodon is 24, fiercely independent and doesn’t care about money.

Before I forget: I am available again for new freelance projects! Web, iOS; 15 years experience. Remote only. Check out

I really like a lot about Mastodon. Patreon-funded development, hosting by volunteers, 500 chars is a good limit.

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