One episode for every day of the year. Born in the 80s Episode 365 with special guest @SpankyWorks , come join us.

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ziphi has expensive tastes but no income.

Give her a job so she can buy cool stuff!

(Seriously though, what do I have to do to get employers to notice me? Whatever I'm doing currently has not been working. Do I just have to give up and go to a temp agency?)

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PSA: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 3 hits Netflix on Friday.

Doing the Born in the 80s thing again. Jon is back as we are live with episode 363! Get in here:

A Jon-less Born in the 80s Episode 362. With guest star @SpankyWorks who - according to him - is "a hell of a lot better". Come join us

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cacophony is named after the sound the instrument "cacophone" makes

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